WMF Perfect Plus Pressure Cooker Set (6.8 and 3.1-Quart) Review




WMF Perfect Plus 6-1/2/6.8 and 3/3.1 Liter/Quart Pressure Cooker Set serves many of your cooking needs while saving you money from buying multiple pots and pans.

Engineered and manufactured in Germany, this is one of the leading pressure cooker brands in the world for ease of use, safety features and excellent quality of material and craftsmanship. It’s the most user-friendly pressure cooker for novice users.

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Size, Capacity and Material

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This set is an economical way of getting two pressure cookers without doubling up on the price. It consists of a 6.5 and a 3.0 liter cooking pots with one interchangeable pressure cooker lid suitable for both pots. Use the smaller one for cooking a side dish such as risotto, vegetables and the larger one for a main dish.

The pots are made of 18/10 stainless steel with inside measure markers for minimum, medium and maximum cooking capacity. You may use up to 2/3 of the capacity in a pressure cooker. At times, only ½ is used for cooking frothy foods such as beans, dry vegetables and rice.

The base of the pots are so-called TransTherm which means that the cookers are suitable for all types of hobs, including induction and also for efficient heat transfer, distribution and retention due to the aluminum insert in the base.

Safety Features

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The competitive advantage of the WMF pressure cookers lies in the efficiency and simplicity of the safety features. Everything is designed in the primary handle of the cooker. Pressure is regulated through a safety valve with a cooking indicator of two orange rings for “low” and “high” pressure levels. Choose one appropriate for your recipe and watch the first ring appear after the pot is completely sealed for pressure buildup. Besides the primary control valve, there is also an overpressure valve as a secondary safety measure if/when the primary one is obstructed with food particles.


The primary handle houses all the pressure control and lid-locking features. The short handle on the opposite side is for easy transport and weight balancing.

Pressure Settings

While two pressure levels are available as 8.5 and 13 psi (pounds per square inch), the 13 psi doesn’t meet the standard pressure setting of 15 psi.

Pressure Release Methods

Three methods are available to release pressure when cooking is done. The first two are the tried and true ways as “cold water” and “natural release”. Using cold water method, remove the pot from the hob and run cold water on top of the lid for a few minutes until the pressure indicator, the button on the primary handle subsides. Simply let the cooker release the pressure naturally from the heat source is the so-called “natural release”. The cooker is designed with a “quick release” method where you push the slider on the primary handle down toward you and release the pressure quickly and gently.

Easy to Use and Clean

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Cooking under pressure follows these few simple steps:

  1. Add ingredients and seasoning as needed
  2. Add minimal cooking liquid. It can be water, broth, wine, beer and so on. A ¼ liter (about 1 cup) is considered as the minimal liquid requirement and increase per the quantity of the food.
  3. Close the lid by aligning the marks on the top handle and the pot
  4. Place the closed cooker onto a burner over high heat
  5. Watch until the safety valve closes and the cooking indicator shows the yellow and one or two of the orange rings (depending on the pressure level required per the recipe)
  6. Lower the heat to maintain the pressure and start counting down the cooking time
  7. If audible sound is heard, it means overpressure. You’ll need to turn down the heat even more.
  8. Finish cooking and use one of the methods for pressure release

The cooking pot and the lid without the handle are all dishwasher safe. The handle can be easily removed from the pot and clean it under running water.


No accessories are included besides the User Manual.

Consumer Ratings

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4.8 out of 5.0

One gentleman was impressed with the safety features to take the fear out of pressure cooking for newbies like himself. He used the cooker on a weekly basis and was pleased with the design features more modern and easy to operate than the traditional pressure cookers…Read More
Several other online reviewers shared the same positive experience with this set of pressure cookers. It was well-constructed and made with high quality materials that were not too heavy but durable. They’d used the set to cook many dishes from stocks, stews, rice to desserts…Read More


  • Works on all cooktops including induction
  • German-engineered and manufactured with high quality of materials, workmanship and sleek design
  • The set with two pots and one universal lid makes it very versatile for cooking all sorts of foods.
  • Two pressure levels enable you to cook both gentle and tough foods easily without adjusting cooking time. Thus less guesswork.
  • The large cooking indicator with colored rings makes it so fool-proof to gauge the pressure level.


  • The set doesn’t come with any accessories or a tampered glass lid. You’d have to purchase a separate lid if using both cookers simultaneously. The same applies for the basket with a trivet. You’ll have to spend extra in getting them.
  • The high pressure level is only 13 psi, 2 psi short of the standard 15. Adjustment of cooking time is needed if the recipe calls for 15 psi.

Warranty and Replacement Parts

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Only 3-year limited warranty is offered by WMF that’s 7 years shorter than the industry standard. You may want to consider buying an extended small appliance insurance to ensure nothing goes wrong.

The gasket is probably the most replaceable part. You can purchase it on Amazon. The same gasket works for all WMF’s pressure cookers and pressure frying pans.


The price for the set is slightly more expensive than that by Kuhn Rikon, another leading brand of pressure cookers. In fact, considering there is no extra lid or steamer, it’s more expensive than Kuhn Rikon’s.

If I had to choose, I’d prefer buying the Kuhn Rikon set to get more value for my money at a slightly lower price. But if you are a WMF fan, go for this set.

At this review, the price on WMF’s website is about $100 more than that at Amazon. The added bonus on Amazon is that it would be free for Shipping and Handling if you have an Amazon Prime membership. The membership costs $79.00 a year with benefits of two-day free shipping and handling for qualified products, free streaming of movies, TV shows and a free kindle book each month. I’ve had the Prime and used it all the time throughout the year, especially during the Christmas shopping season. The savings from Shipping and Handling alone pay for the membership fee.


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