Where Are Fagor’s Pressure Cookers Manufactured?

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Fagor manufactures the pressure cookers in two countries, i.e. in Spain and China. I’d venture to guess the choices of locations are for multiple and strategic reasons such as labor costs, economy of scale, distribution networks and the market demand for specific models.

Not All Products Made in China Are Defective

I am shamed (being a Chinese) as well as baffled by the general assumption consumers make on products made in China. I understand why the perception exists with negative publicity about various consumer products such as the infant baby formula.

On the other hand, I don’t know if many consumers are aware that Apple’s products are made in China with the highest quality standard. I am not trying to defend China as a choice by many manufacturers to save material and labor costs; on the other hand, an open mind should be kept when shopping for products.

Not all products made in China are sub-par and not all products made elsewhere are flawless, either.

Three Fagor pressure cooker lines are made in China: The Rapida, the Elite and the Splendid. Let’s take a closer look at each line.



The Rapida Line

The Rapida Express Line of pressure cookers is the basic type of pressure cookers at more affordable prices than the Fagor lines.

A side note that a new set of 5-pieces has been available on Amazon, including a 4 and 8 quart pot, two interchangeable lids, one for pressure cooking and the other for conventional cooking made of tempered glass, a steamer basket with User Manual and a recipe booklet.

Design and Material

One distinct design feature of the Rapida line is the so-called “belly shape” of the cooker which gives a modern, curvy and stylish appearance to a kitchen tool. The 18/10 stainless steel offers a mirror finish on the exterior as well for durability and easy cleaning.

Capacity Size

The Rapida Express Line comes with 6 and 8 quarts for small to mid-sized families. However, they are too small for any canning.

Safety Features

The spring-valve makes it reassuring to cook under pressure at one high pressure level of 15 psi (pounds per square inch). Visual pressure indicator and automatic pressure release system are designed into the cooker.

This line works on all cooktop surfaces: gas, electric, ceramic and induction.

There are two handles, one long handle and a shorter helper handle on the opposite side. All the actions are packed in the long handle with safety valve, pressure level setting and the pressure release vent.

An Instruction Manual is provided with the cooker.


10-year limited manufacturer warranty



The Splendid Line

The Splendid line is equipped with one pressure setting as 15 psi. The line comes with 4, 6 and 10 quarts in liquid capacity. The 10 quart can be used for minor canning. A pressure cooker recipe book is included in the cooker.

Splendid 2-in-1 Set

This set includes several pieces: 4 and 6 quart nesting pots with two interchangeable lids for pressure cooking and conventional stove top cooking. A steamer with a trivet and a recipe book come with the cooker. Again, only one pressure level of 15 psi is available.

Splendid Multi-Set

The only difference in this set from the 2-in-1 set is in the cooking pot sizes being 4 and 8 quart vs. the 4 and 6 quart.

All the Splendid line and set carry on the same characteristics of Fagor pressure cookers such as 18/10 stainless steel, safety features, automatic pressure release, suitable for all cooking surfaces and with a 10-year warranty.



The Elite Line

The significant upgrade in the Elite Line of pressure cookers from the basic model lies in the two pressure settings as 8 and 15 psi (medium and high pressure levels). With these two levels, it covers pretty much most of the pressure cooking recipes.

Capacity Size

The capacity sizes are expanded for the Elite Line in 4, 6 and 10 quarts liquid capacity. Again, the 10-quart can be used for pressure cooking as well as canning (4 pint-sized jars). Nothing serious about the canning capacity though.


Another added bonus are the accessories that come with the pressure cooker such as a steamer basket and a trivet to keep the basket off the bottom of the cooking pot for steam and heat circulation.

A Pressure Cooker Recipe Book is included in the purchase.

The Elite Set

The Elite Set comes with 5 pieces: They are 4 and 8 quart pots with one pressure cooker lid and a tempered glass lid along with a steamer and a trivet. The two lids are interchangeable between the pots for pressure cooking and conventional cooking. The two pots serve dual purposes as well.

Everything else remains the same as the standard Fagor pressure cooker features.

Consumer Ratings

All these lines have received between 4 and 5 star-ratings by many online customers. It proves that not all products made in China are inferior.


Most of the pressure cookers and set range between $100 and under $200. They are not the cheapest by any means, but they are made with high quality materials, construction, aesthetic appeal and many safety features to provide you with ultimate peace of mind when pressure cooking. These pressure cookers will last for a generation or more.




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