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I never knew Sitram pressure cookers until I saw Bobby Flay’s video when he was making carnitas under pressure. As a major supplier of cookware to many prominent hotel chains in the world such as Sheraton, Hilton and Hyatt, Sitram has been the maker of cookware since 1960. The Sitram 10-1/2-Quart Pressure Cooker is one of 7 pressure cooker product lines called Sitraspeedo. This pressure cooker is made from the same quality material as in the professional lines that are designed to perform in high volume and withstand frequent the wear and tear for many years.

The unparalleled designed feature in this cooker is the ease of closing and opening of the lid. No more fumbling around try to match up the ridges or groves between the lid and the pot. All you need to do is to a simple twist of a quarter turn. You can literally do it with one hand.

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Size, Capacity and Material

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This line comes with multiple sizes such as 6, 8.5 quart to 10-1/2 quart. Don’t be fooled by these large sizes as you can’t utilize a pressure cooker to its full capacity. It’s less so when cooking foods that expand. Classic examples are lentils, rice or beans. The manufacturer recommends that you don’t cook more than half or even ¼ full for these types of foods.

The diameter of the pot varies from 6.69” to 7.09” for the 6 and 10.5 quart sizes respectively.

Made of tri-ply metals of stainless steel and aluminum, this pressure cooker is constructed for efficient heat transfer and absorption while showcasing the mirror shine of stainless steel in addition to the ease of cleaning and durability. The three metals are aluminum in the center of the base sandwiched by two sheets of stainless steel. The exterior base is made of magnetic stainless steel so it’s suitable for all cooktops as electric, gas, ceramic and induction.

Safety Features

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The pressure regulator sits on top of the lid with a weighted “jiggler”. This is the primary excess pressure release valve through a vent pipe. A safety valve will become operational if the primary valve is lodged with food particles. When this happens, remove the pot from the heat and follow decompressure and cleaning procedures outlined in the Manual before the cooker is brought to pressure again.

When the primary and the safety valve are all malfunctional, the sealing ring/or gasket will be blown out through a rectangular opening on the side of the lid to allow excess pressure to escape. Follow the same procedures to release the pressure and to clean the steam vent, the protection strainer and the safety valve before resuming cooking under pressure.

As mentioned in the Introduction, the lid can be snapped on to close with a gentle press and a turn of the control knob counter-clockwise to a quarter angle. When closing properly, the lid will remain locked until the pressure is fully and safely released.

Pressure Level and Indicator

This model is designed with 10.15 psi in pressure level, which is about 5 psi shy of the pressure cooking standard of 15 psi. When following a recipe, make sure you compensate the lower psi with longer cooking time.

The pressure indicator on top of the lid will rise when the pressure starts to build up inside of the cooker. This is your cue to begin counting down of the cooking time.

2 Short Handles

This model comes with two short handles on either side for easy transport and balancing the weight equally.

2 Methods to Release Pressure

The User Manual only mentions about the “cold water” method where you either run cold water over the top of the cooker in the sink or immerse the base of the cooker in a basin of cold water.

There is always the “natural release” method as a standby where you remove the pot from the burner and let it sit for a while until the pressure is fully released.


Another very thoughtful design touch is the timer in the handle of the cooker. It’s very convenient to set the timer to x minutes as soon as the pressure indicator protrudes up and the lid closed down.

Easy to Use and Clean

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Cooking in this pressure cooker is even easier than ever now that you don’t have to struggle with closing the lid. Follow these steps and you’d be on your way to a delicious meal:

  1. Add dry ingredients and cooking liquid. The liquid can be water, broth of sort, beer, wine but not just cooking oil. Make sure you have at least one cup of liquid for a 10-minute of cooking time. Add more liquid for each additional 10-minutes.
  2. Close the lid and place the regulator on the vent pipe to make sure it’s moved down to a notch.
  3. Place the cooker on “high” heat until the pressure indicator rises and locks the lid.
  4. Begin timing the cooking while a gentle and intermitten stream of steam escapes through the regulator.
  5. Reduce the heat down to medium or low on the burner to maintain the pressure.
  6. When time is up, turn off the heat and proceed with a “decompressure” method.

The cooking pot is dishwasher safe if you feel inclined to clean it that way. However, never place the lid in the water. Wash the lid and the pot in warm soapy water. Don’t use a scratch pad of any kind as it will damage the shine of the stainless steel.

When storing the cooker, don’t leave it closed. Place the lid upside down to prevent the unnecessary stretch of the sealing ring.


I didn’t find any reference to any accessories included with the purchase other than the User Manual.

Consumer Ratings

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5.0 out of 5.0

Sitram is relatively new to the American consumers and the online reviews are very far and few between at this review. The snippets below are a compilation from reviews on multiple sizes.

Oreviewer saw the pressure cooker being used by Bobby Flay and followed his recipe to cook carnitas. She was so pleased with result and is planning on sharing more after more experiments…Read More
Another customer was disappointed with the packaging as the cooker arrived with scratches. This was the only incident reported on Amazon…Read More


  • Snap-on and off lid is perhaps the most unique feature of this pressure cooker.
  • Made of the same quality materials as in professional cookware for exceptional durability and functionality.
  • A protection strainer is designed to catch food particles and to prevent lodging of the steam vent in the pressure regulator.
  • Versatile for cooking for one or many people in the family
  • Suitable for all cooktop types
  • Made in France with more than 50 year experience in designing and manufacturing cookware
  • 15-year warranty that’s 5 year longer than the industry standard.


  • Only one pressure level setting of 10 psi.
  • It’s priced on the higher end comparable to Kuhn Rikon pressure cookers.
  • No automatic/quick release mechanism

Warranty and Replacement Parts

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As I said earlier, it’s very rare to see a 15-year warranty with any other pressure cooker brand. It speaks volume about Sitram’s confidence and commitment to the ultimate customer satisfaction.

For those in the U.S., the after-sales service is handled through Frieling USA in Charlotte, North Carolina at 1920 Center Park Drive, Charlotte, NC 28217, phone # 704-329-5100 and fax # 704-329-5151.


Among all pressure cookers on the market, Sitram A10762 Speedo Pressure Cooker is more expensive. You are buying for quality design and construction that has been tested in the commercial and hotel restaurants. Investing in a pressure cooker like this will save you as much as 70% of the cooking time and 50% of the energy cost.

No one can really quantify the benefits of consuming healthier foods and staying strong and energetic.

Final Thoughts

This pressure cooker is suitable for those who are new to pressure cooking and don’t care about the ins and outs of design features and pressure regulating mechanism. It’s one of the most user-friendly cooker on the market. The size is perfect whether you are single to cook a large batch of food or need to feed a large family. You’d be surprised to find this cooker being your favorite and most used kitchen appliance.


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