Presto 01362 vs. 01365 Pressure Cookers

When we stack up the Presto 01362 against 01365 pressure cookers, we can tell there are some minor cosmetic differences. But are they really that much different to warrant over a 20% increase in price? I’ll let you be the judge.

Presto pressure cookers and canners are well-liked by consumers in the U.S. due to its brand recognition, product quality, safety features and more importantly, the affordability.

The Presto 01365 is a newer model among the 6-quart stainless steel pressure cookers. You might be amazed to find out how marginally different between the two models.


Design Elements

The 01365 has a sleeker design compared to the bulkier and industrial look in the 01362 pressure cooker. The same fluidity is also reflected in the weighted pressure regulator as well as in the primary handle design.

The Presto 01365 weighs slightly less by 0.5 lbs. than the predecessor. Dimensionally, it’s just a hair smaller than the 01362 cooker. There are two capacity sizes of 4 and 6 quarts in the 01362 vs. only the 6 quart in 01365.

Safety Features

The only improvement in the safety features is the addition of a secondary pressure release valve vs. the 01362 model besides the primary valve and the overpressure plug.


Another enhancement is the 01365 can be fully immersed in water and dishwasher safe for cleaning instead of the previous model that you have to take the gasket and the overpressure plug out first before putting it in the dishwasher. Tell you the truth, I would wash the entire unit by hand no matter what the manufacturer says.

Consumer Ratings

Given the 01362 is an older model and has been tested much longer by many more consumers, it is rated 4.6 out of 5 vs. the 4.2 out of 5 ratings for the 01365. The numbers of online reviews are in the hundreds vs. in the 10th for the 01365.


The 01365 was about $12 more than the 01362 model. Is it fair? I can’t answer this question as it is very subjective. If you like the newer design and the secondary pressure relief valve  feature, maybe an extra $12 is nothing. But if you store the pressure cooker in the pantry after each use, who really cares how it looks as long as it does its job. The secondary relief valve is good, but not a game changer if you ask me. Then save the $12 for a cup of Starbucks latte.


1. 6 quart in capacity

2. Made of stainless steel with a tri-clad base

3. Suitable for all cooking tops, including induction hobs

4. The same 12-year warranty

5. 4.0 or better consumer ratings

Comparison Chart

ModelPresto 01362 ReviewPresto 01365 Review
Capacity (Qrt)4, 66
Dimensions (Inches in H, W, D)9.0 x 17.38 x 9.788.75 x 17.75 x 9.75
Weight (lbs)5.615
Materialsstainless steel + tri-clad basestainless steel + tri-clad base
Pressure Regulatorweighted top and overpressure plug, air vent/cover lock weighted top, secondary relief valve and overpressure plug, air vent/cover lock
Lidintegrated lockingintegrated locking
Pressure Level Indicatorpinpin
Pressure Setting (psi-pounds per square inch)15 psi15 psi
Pressure Release Methodscold water & natural releasecold water & natural release
Handle2: 1 long 1 short2: 1 long 1 short
Accessories64-page instruction/recipe book + rack64-page instruction/recipe book + rack
Dishwasher Safeyes with removal of gasket and overpressure plugfully immersible and dishwasher safe
Warranty (year)12 year12 year
Consumer Ratings4.6 by 785 reviewers4.2 by 13 reviewers
Read ReviewPresto 01362 ReviewPresto 01365 Review
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Final Thought

Presto pressure cookers are all priced in the lower end of the pricing spectrum. I wouldn’t waste a lot of time nor energy fussing over $10 or so. The bottom line is that no matter which one you pick, the Presto will deliver on its promise of best valve with a good quality pressure cooker.

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