Pressure Cookers $100 to $200

$100 to $200 is the median price range for pressure cookers and canners. In this price range, you should expect to get more modern design in the safety features as well as the material of the cooker such as heavy gauge of aluminum or stainless steel.

Some of these pressure cookers are made in the U.S. while others made by leading international brands such as Kuhn Rikon or Fagor. With more generous size and capacity, you can either use it for pressure cooking or serious canning.

The bottom line is for you and your family to eat healthy and tasty home-made meals on a very low budget. The icing on the cake is that you can save so much time from cooking and money from energy cost. Hover over the product image and click on the left “arrow” to read the in-depth review and then make an informed decision.


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