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This Kuhn Rikon Duromatic 6-Piece Set offers unlimited possibilities to switch between pressure and conventional cooking with two cooking pots and two interchangeable lids. If you are short on space and want to do more with fewer kitchen utensils, then this might be for you.

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Size, Capacity and Material

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The 6-piece set consists of a 5-quart cooking pot, a 2-quart frying pan, one pressure cooker lid and one glass lid for regular cooking, a trivet and a Quick Cuisine Cookbook valued at $14.00. The idea for assembling this set is to allow you to fulfill multiple cooking needs whether pressure or conventional cooking. Most people use the larger size for pressure cooking and the smaller one for making a side dish such as steamed vegetables or pressure cooking corns on the cobs to complement the BBQ spare ribs. In case I haven’t made it clear, both pots can be used for pressure cooking, not at the same time though (you’ll need the pressure cooker lid).

The two lids can be used back and forth from one method of cooking to another. The trivet can be used in the bottom of the cooker to prevent delicate foods from sticking or burning.

Both cookers are made of heavyweight stainless steel with a tri-clad aluminum bottom. The tri-clad refers to three layers of metal. In the center is the aluminum and on the inside and outside are two layers of stainless steel. The reason for doing so is to ensure good heat conductivity from aluminum while accentuating the beauty, durability and ease of cleaning of stainless steel.

Safety Features

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Pressure Regulator, Levels and Indicators

The internal pressure is regulated by a spring-loaded valve (as the primary or operating valve) underneath the vent steam. Integrated with this valve is the pressure indicator. As pressure starts to build, the indicator will pop up showing one line as 10 psi (pounds per square inch) and the second line for 15 psi. Delicate foods such as fish call for lower pressure at 10 psi while a majority of foods is cooked at 15 psi.

Occasionally, the primary valve may be obstructed with food particles. When that happens, the secondary valve on top of the lid will step in to release the excess pressure.

Two emergency safety vents are also built into the design for the exact purpose of “answering” the emergency call, i.e. if the primary and secondary valves all fail to release excess pressure. These two vents are located in the metal cutout underneath the lid.  Swiss precision and engineering at their the finest!

Seal: Special Gasket

The cooking pot and the lid are sealed together via a silicone gasket. There is nothing special here as most pressure cookers employ the same mechanism.


The lid is locked on by turning clockwise. Once it’s locked during cooking, pressurizing and depressurizing, nobody could have opened the lid even if you had tried.


There are two handles for each of the cooking pot, a long handle and a short helper one on the opposite side.

3 Pressure Release Methods

Three releasing methods are available for this set. The first one is to gently press the primary black valve top. Use a kitchen mitt or towel when touching the tip. The manufacturer even suggested using a long-handled spoon. This method is not suitable for foamy foods such as beans or rice.

The second method is the “cold water release method” where cold water is run on top of the lid in the sink. The last one is the safest and most time-consuming method:The “natural release method”. This is to remove the cooker from the hob and let it cool off naturally until the indicator on the stem recedes down.

Easy to Use and Clean

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The advantage of the Kuhn Rikon’s design is fool-proof. Follow the User Manual and do a test run with just water. Once you are familiar with the cooker, the heat and pressure, it will be like any other cookware in your kitchen. The only difference is that you have to be attending the cooking. The Kuhn Rikon pressure cookers are known for being very energy-efficient. This means once the desired pressure level is reached, you’ll need to turn the heat way down. Most people advised to use lowest heat. Some even suggested having two burners turn on at the same time so the low-heat one will be ready for you to move the pot over as soon as the pressure level is idea.

Cleaning takes a little bit more work as there are a few parts such as the gasket, the lid and the pot that all require hand washing. The valve may need some cleaning once in a while if foods are stuck there. You may also have to grease the gasket with some olive oil once in a while to keep it in shape.


A glass lid, a trivet and a cookbook are included in the set.

Consumer Ratings

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4.5 out of 54.5 ratings are rated by 68 customers at the time of this review.  Just two examples of people’s comments:

One lady shared her rewarding experience using this set after she cooked a pot of fresh soup from scratch in 20 minutes, even with frozen meat. She liked the set so much that she bought one for her daughter…Read More
Amom used this to cook baby foods for her son such as legumes and soups. She didn’t have to cook a large batch as in a slow cooker as this cooks so fast…Read More


  • Durable and Well-Made: The pot and the pan are made of durable stainless steel. They should last for a long time with proper care. 
  • Very Quiet: The pressure cooking is so quiet that you’ll hardly notice it’s cooking.
  • Safe to Operate: With multiple-layers of safety features, explosion would be very improbable.
  • Sleek and Modern Design: The design are so asethetically appealing that it defies the utilitarian image of typical cookware.
  • It’s Better than the Image: You’d forget the high price tag as the set looks even sharper in person.
  • So Versatile: Some customers abandoned their high-end pots and pans and rely on this set for most of the cooking. It’s perfect for cooking Indian cuisine as it requires “slow cooking”. Some parents use the set to make baby foods such as legumes and soups.
  • Taste Better: Meats taste better without marinade as the pressure cooking intensifies the flavor of food in a concealed vessel.
  • Easy Cleaning:The flat bottoms are very easy to clean.


  • Pricey: Kuhn Rikon’s pressure cookers are known for being pricey. But you get what you pay for.
  • Not Big Enough: The smaller frying pan is too small  to be useful for some customers as you can’t fill up to full capacity under pressure cooking. Many use it for making side dishes such as risotto or gravy.
  • Expensive Replacement Parts: The cost can add up quite quickly. One customer reported that it costed about $20 for the gasket plus shipping and handling.

Warranty and Replacement Parts

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10-year warranty and you can order replacement parts on Amazon.


Kuhn Rikon’s pressure cookers are priced on the higher end. This set is at a discounted price on Amazon considering you are getting two cookers and two lids in the set. If you just need a pressure cooker and don’t care about the smaller frying pan, then you are better off getting a 5-quart pressure cooker to save some money.

There are people who have enjoyed the set for allowing them to cook two things at the same time. In fact, the two pots can be used for sautéing or browning before you put the lid on for pressure cooking.


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