Kuhn Rikon 3344 7.4-Quart Pressure Cooker Review

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Kuhn Rikon 3344 7.4 Quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker is equipped with the state-of-the-art safety features and the modern styling. No matter what you are in the mood for dinner tonight, a pot roast, a hearty stew, or home-made chicken noodle soup, this cooker will pull it off for you time and time again.

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Size, Capacity and Material

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The 7.4 quart size is a suitable size for families of 4 to 6 people if you’d like to have some leftover for the week. It cooks 8 to 10 servings of food. This is one of the most popular sizes in pressure cookers. Also bear in mind, this pressure cooker does better when it’s 50% at capacity. So when in doubt, always consider a size up.

Even though you can use it for canning (only has room for 3-quart or 4-pint jars), I wouldn’t recommend it. You will be better off choosing a larger size cooker/canner so you can get a large production within a short time. Efficiency is the key.

Kuhn Rikon 3344 is measured as 16.1 x 9.8 x 9.2 inches and weighs 7 pounds.

Made in Switzerland, the cooker is made of 18/10 stainless steel. One of the Kuhn Rikon’s design hallmarks is the thermal aluminum bottom where a wafer of aluminum is sandwiched in between two layers of stainless steel. You’d see this feature in many of the high-end cookware these days. The beauty of this “cladding” process is to fully utilize the high conductive nature of aluminum while highlighting the benefits of stainless steel such as the gleaming exterior finish, the non-reactive property to acidic foods and the durability.

This pressure cooker can be used on all cooktop surfaces such as electric, gas, ceramic and induction. If you use it on a gas stove top, one thing to keep in mind is that you may not want to turn the flame so high to burn the handles and to tarnish the sides of the cooker. One solution to this is to use a flame tamer.

Safety Features

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Pressure Regulator and Pressure Levels

The Kuhn Rikon 3344 is designed with a 5-safety-release system. The five levels are:

  1. The Primary Valve: This is a spring-loaded valve which rises as the pressure increases in the cooking pot. This spring-valve has a stem on top with 2 red lines marked on the stem. The first line indicates 8 psi (pounds per square inch) and the second 15 psi.
  2. The second safety component are the safety holes in the rim of the lid. Should the primary valve fails to fulfill its function, these holes are there for the excess pressure to escape.
  3. A secondary spring-loaded valve as the third line of defense if the primary valve is clogged with food particles.
  4. The gasket will be the last resort if all fail. The gasket will be forced out through the 6 flanges in the lid to allow the steam to escape in a downward motion.
  5. The automatic-locking mechanism in the lid ensures the secure locking of the lid before the pressure buildup. The lid is locked throughout the entire cooking and pressure releasing process.

When the cooker reaches to 8 or 15 psi, it’s time for you to closely monitor the pressure level and adjust the heat level on the burner accordingly. Many customers reported that the Kuhn Rikon cooker requires very little heat to maintain the pressure level. This is also the time for you to start the timer on the cooking duration.

If you have electric stovetops at home, the heat level is especially important until you figure out the best combo between heat and pressure level after a few experiments. Electric cooktops are notorious for its slow response to heat changes.

You can either remove the cooker from the heat source for a few minutes once it reaches the desired pressure level and put it back on low heat to maintain the optimal pressure. Or turn two burners on at the same time of cooking on high heat to build up the pressure and then move it to the low-heat burner for coasting.

Seal: Gasket

This pressure cooker is sealed with a silicon gasket between the lid and the cooking pot. Before each use, check the gasket to make sure there are no signs of wear and tear. And you may have to replace the gasket once in a while.


Align the triangle on the lid with the same on the pan handle and turn the lid clockwise to close the lid. Since the lid will be securely locked while cooking, no explosion will occur. I know many of us have the same fear about pressure cooking.

Pressure Release Methods

There are three methods you can release the pressure after cooking. The first one is the “Natural Release Method” whereby you remove the cooker from the stovetop and let it cool off naturally.

The second way is to remove the pressure cooker from the heat source and carry it to the sink where you turn on cold running water over the top of the lid.

The third method allows you to release the pressure immediately by gently pressing the stem of the pressure indicator on the top of the lid until no more pressure comes out. This is the fastest release method and also might be appropriate for some recipes. Make sure you use a kitchen mitt or a long-handle spoon to do this to prevent your bare hand from being scolded.


This model has two handles: One long handle as the primary “operating” handle and the other being the helper when you need to carry the pot to the sink or at the dinning table.

Easy to Use and Clean

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The valve is designed for self-cleaning. Occasionally, food particles might get stuck in the valve. If that’s the case, you will have to dissemble the valve to clean it. The instructions are provided Section 10.1.1.in the User Manual.

Remove the gasket from the lid after each use. Rinse and clean it with warm water and store it in the pot instead of leaving it on the lid to prevent from stretching.

It is not recommended to wash any part of the pressure cooker in the dishwasher in spite it is made of stainless steel.


A stainless steel trivet is included in addition to User Manual and a recipe book (worth of $14.00).

Consumer Ratings

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The average rating of this pressure cooker by Amazon online reviewers is 4.7 out of 5. Here are a couple of snippets of what the customers said:

Warranty and Replacement Parts

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A standard 10-year warranty is available. You can easily find replacement parts on Amazon or another authorized retailer.


The Kuhn Rikon 3344 is on the higher end of price points among pressure cookers on the market. Like the old saying, “You get what you pay for”. You know you will be getting a top-of-the-line pressure cooker with modern design and multiple safety features. It will last for many years to come. If budget is not your constraint, definitely consider it. Otherwise, you should choose a more affordable brand.

Amazon is one of the best places to buy this pressure cooker and also spare parts. I  hope I don’t have to convince you about Amazon being the most reliable and trustworthy online retailer. Not only will you experience the ease of shopping, but also get the post-sale customer service, bar-none.


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