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There is one thing we can’t buy with money is time. But we can utilize our time more efficiently with tools available. Kuhn Rikon 3044 8.5-Quart Stockpot Pressure Cooker is one of the handy tools for any kitchen to cut down the cooking time as much as 70% from a conventional cooking method. Whether you’d like to cook a whole chicken or a 4 pounds of rump roast, this pressure cooker will step in to be your loyal foot soldier in the kitchen.

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Size, Capacity and Material

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This cooker resembles a classic stockpot style with a talker profile so foods, soups, stocks wouldn’t be spewing out easily during simmering. The 8.5 quart size allows you to cook enough for a large family of 8 to 10 people. If you get lucky, you might have enough leftover for some later days. There is also a 6-quart sized one if you don’t want to cook for an army.

As the style suggests, this pressure cooker is a dream come true if you cook your own chicken or vegetable stocks or want to save money in buying cheaper cuts of meat. The options don’t stop there. You can use it for hearty stews and chili (perfect for the fall weather), corns on the cob and even dessert such as cheesecake.

Although the manufacturer says it’s also good for canning, I would steer you the other way. There are better pressure canners in the market that will do the job better and faster at a cheaper price than this cooker.

Safety Features

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One of the product strengths in Kuhn’s pressure cookers is the five-level safety feature that’s integrated to ensure safety, fool-proof and ease of use. In case you are not familiar with the Kuhn Rikon’s safety feature, the five-parts work like this:

  1. The automatic lid locking system ensures that no pressure can be built up without properly closing and locking the lid. The lid remains locked and free from opening during cooking. It can only be opened when the pressure inside of the cooker is completely released.
  2. The primary spring-loaded valve serves as the first line of fortress. When excess pressure is built up, you’d hear some hissing and see some steam coming out of the vent stem on top of the lid.
  3. Occasionally, the primary valve may be blocked with food particles and is malfunctional. When that happens, the safety holes in the rim of the lid will step in to release the excess pressure.
  4. There is a second spring-loaded valve as a redundancy measure when the primary valve fails.
  5. The last resort if all else fail, is the gasket will be forced out through the six flanges in the lid where the excess steam will escape downwardly.

Pressure Level and Indicator

Like all Kuhn pressure cookers, this one also has two pressure levels of 8 and 15 psi (pounds per square inch). The 8 psi will be called upon when cooking more delicate foods such as fish and tender vegetables. The 15 psi will be used for cooking a pot roast and it is also the overall standard pressure in pressure cooking.

When the pressure level is achieved at each level, a red band on the vent stem will be protruded upward. In total, you’d see two red bands when a 15 psi is reached inside of the pot.


Two short handles are designed in this stockpot style for easy transport. Comparing to a long and a short handle, the two short handles allow you to balance the weight evenly from side to side. As you can imagine, a full pot in a 8.5 quart cooker is pretty heavy for an average person. Any help counts!

3 Pressure Release Methods

You may release the pressure in three different methods. The first one is to gently tap on the vent stem to release the pressure quickly. Precaution is always recommended to use some buffer between your hand and the vent stem as hot steam can scold your bare hand easily. Some folks use a kitchen mitt or a long wooden spoon.

“Cold water method” can be used to run cold water over the lid of the pot in a sink. This is another fast way commonly used for hundreds of years. Make sure your kitchen sink is heat proof so the pot won’t damage the surface.

The third is the good old “natural release” method. I call this the “slow and steady” method where you remove the pot from the hob and let it sit quietly to release the pressure. This method is very safe but it takes longer. Expect to wait for 30 to 45 minutes depending of what you are cooking and how much pressure is in the cooker.

Easy to Use and Clean

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Read the Instructions first and study it from cover to cover. Then do a test run with just water to get familiar with the safety features and observe the signs of pressure releasing. Kuhn Rikon’s design is the so-called enclosed system where everything is bottled up inside. That’s why it’s quieter, requires less liquid, retains more moisture, and needs lower heat to maintain the optimal pressure level. Once the pressure level is reached, you may have to keep an eye on the cooker vs. the heat level for the first few times until you build up your confidence how your stove top works in this situation.

The pot itself is dishwasher safe and the rest of the parts are to be washed by hand.


A “Quick Cuisine” cookbook and a trivet are included.

Consumer Ratings

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4.9 out of 5

One customer talked about owning a Kuhn Rikon for 10 years and how well it performed during that time. It was a quick decision to buy a second one given new improvements made since then…Read More
Amom lamented the fact that she couldn’t live without this Kuhn Rikon pressure cooker. Now a freshly prepared dinner will be ready in 30 minutes from start to finish even everything was frozen…Read More


  • Perfect Size: For a large family to cook up enough for dinner and some for later use.
  • Easy to Clean: The cooking pot is dishwasher safe and some removal parts such as the gasket, etc. should be washed by hand.
  • Well-Made: The cooker is made of high quality stainless steel and heavy gauge aluminum that will last for a long time.
  • Eat Healthy Foods: You can cook a gourmet dinner from start to finish faster than calling for fast food delivery.
  • Taller Profile: This stockpot style cooker allows you to cook multiple layers of foods in the same pot and you can stack corns upright easily.
  • Safe and Quiet: This pressure cooker is designed with five-level safety features to prevent accidents or explosion from happening. It’s also “whisper quiet” unlike many other brands of pressure cookers.


  • Steep Price: Kuhn Rikon’s pressure cookers are one of the most expensive brands in the market.

Warranty and Replacement Parts

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A 10-year warranty is provided for all Kuhn pressure cookers excluding replaceable parts such as the gasket. Finding replacements is effortless. You can get them at Amazon.


As I mentioned earlier, Kuhn Rikon is priced on the high end due to the design, the workmanship and the safety features. Still, it commands repeated customers time and time again.

If you cook a lot of stocks, soups, rough cuts of meat for a large family or in a large batch for yourself, this is the pressure cooker to get. Even though it’s expensive, you are buying for a safe and high quality pressure cooker to be passed on to the following generation/s.


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