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“The Pressure Cooker is on” is the title of an article published in The Wall Street Journal this January, 2013. This shows that even a serious publication takes pressure cooking seriously. Kuhn Rikon, a well-known Swiss brand of quality pressure cookers reported a 25% increase in sales since 2000, which includes their Kuhn Rikon 3043 Duromatic 6.3-Quart (6-Liter) Stockpot Pressure Cooker.

There are so many reasons why pressure cooking has been gaining popularity. For one, it cuts down cooking time as much as 70%. For instance, to braise a 3-pound of beef roast, it takes 3 to 4 hours in conventional cooking versus 45-minutes under pressure. For the much-beloved risotto, it will be done in 6 minutes as opposed to 45-minute constant stir with a sore arm.

What does this all mean to you as a home chef or a busy parent? You’d gain an hour or two each day from cooking so you can curl up on the couch and read your favorite fiction novel or watch your favorite sci-fi show. And it’s gentler on your wallet too. On an average, you’d save 50% of the energy cost using a pressure cooker. Who wouldn’t want more money in the saving account?

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Size, Capacity and Material

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The Kuhn Rikon 3043 has a liquid capacity of 6.3-quart. In the pressure cooker world, it’s considered to be medium-sized cooker for singles, small to medium-sized families. The diameter of the pot is measured as 8-5/8 inches and the overall height 9-3/8” with the lid and 6-7/8” w/o the lid.

The 3043 model has a stockpot style cooking pot which accommodates a 4-pound roast, a whole chicken with ease. If you’d like to make your homemade chicken, beef or vegetable stock, this would be a perfect cooker to get.

Consistent with Kuhn Rikon’s high standard for quality material, this stockpot pressure cooker is made of stainless steel with an aluminum inserted into the base of the pot for rapid heat transfer and absorption. The stainless steel is used for its durability, aesthetic appeal and easy care and cleaning. A happy marriage of two most popular metals in cookware!

Safety Features

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The Kuhn Rikon pressure cooker is designed with the most comprehensive safety features on the market to prevent explosion from happening as many of us have experienced or heard of.

The automatic lid-locking mechanism ensures that no pressure can be built up inside of the cooker until the lid is properly closed. The lid remains to be closed and locked during the entire cooking process and until the pressure is fully and safely release after cooking is complete.

The excess pressure is released through the primary valve stem on top of the lid. Should this stem be clogged, a second measure will take effect in allowing pressure to release through the safety holes in the rim of the lid.

The third redundancy safety measure features another spring-loaded valve that will open according to a pre-defined internal pressure and to let out steam safely.

If all the above fail, the gasket will be forced out through the flanges in the lid and the excess pressure will be released in a downward motion without blasting out in all possible directions.

Pressure Level and Indicator

The cooker has a built-in pressure indicator that protrudes on top of the primary valve stem. Two red rings signals two pressure levels. The first ring is shown when the internal pressure reaches at 8 psi (pounds per square inch) and the second at 15 psi. 

3 Methods to Release Pressure

In addition to the “cold water” and “natural release” methods, you may release the pressure rapidly by gently pressing the stem on the primary valve. Make sure you use a kitchen mitt and long-handle spoon or folk to prevent burning from the hot steam.

2 Short Handles

There are two short handles in this model to balance the weight for transport as well as space-saving in the kitchen cupboard.

Easy to Use and Clean

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My advice is to read the User Manual carefully even if you had owned a Kuhn Rikon pressure cooker before as each model might be slightly different in design features. Secondly, you may also give it a “test drive” with water only to familiarize yourself with the cooking under pressure. Follow these simple steps to cook in the pressure cooker:

  1. Add dry, wet ingredients and seasoning to the cooker. Make sure you don’t overfill the pot more than 2/3 for most foods and ½ for foods that expand such as rice and beans. Add minimally required liquid for the cooking time in your recipe.
  2. Place the cooker on high heat to get to the desired pressure when the appropriate red ring is shown.
  3. Lower the heat down to maintain the pressure. The heat level varies based on heat source as gas stove behaves very differently vs. electric vs. induction. Observe your own burner to take note of the heat level.
  4. Count down the cooking time and turn off the heat
  5. Follow one of the methods to release the pressure
  6. Open the lid and serve

Always wash the lid by hand in warm soapy water. The pot is dishwasher safe, but I’d recommend washing it by hand as well as it will take so much space in the dishwasher given its size.

The valve has a self-cleaning feature under normal use, but occasionally if food particles are lodged inside, you may have to take it apart for cleaning. Instructions are provided in the User Manual on how to disassemble and reassemble the valve.


A trivet made of stainless steel is included along with the User Manual and a cookbook valued at $14.00.

Consumer Ratings

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4.9 out of 5.0

One customer shared so many benefits in using this pressure cooker such as cooking rice in 20 minutes without sticking to the bottom and using it in summer to help keep the house cooler and saving a bundle on energy bill…Read More
Another reviewer commented about the unique design characteristic of the Kuhn Rikon cookers by moderating the temperature instead of the steam like many other brands. This resulted in very little liquid needed and more minerals and nutrients preserved…Read More


  • Environmentally and ecologically friendly due to the less consumption of energy with saving up to 50%
  • Safe to use even for the novice in pressure cooking with five integrated safety features
  • Reduce cooking time as much as ¾.
  • Requires minimal liquid with maximum retention of nutrients and vitamins
  • Super quiet with the fully enclosed design
  • Unique Swiss design and durable construction
  • Works on all cooking surfaces, including induction cooktops


  • The pressure cooker is more expensive than smaller cookers and other less well-known brands.
  • The cooker is very sensitive to heat fluctuations that you may have to keep a closer eye on it once the pressure is reached to the desirable level.

Warranty and Replacement Parts

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All Kuhn Rikon Duromatic pressure cookers come with a 10-year warranty based on the cooker’s manufacturing date covering material, workmanship, and non-replaceable parts.  The warranty does not cover the rubber seal (gasket), valve housing, and fittings. The company guarantees that parts will be available for the next 15 years.

Customers can send their warranty issues or questions to the U.S. company headquarters:

Kuhn Rikon Corporation

46 Digital Drive, Suite 5

Novato, CA 94949


Tel: 1-800-662-5882

Fax: 415-883-5985



Amazon usually has the lowest price for this pressure cooker with a 31% discount from the retail price at the time of the review.

This would be a perfect pressure cooker if you are new to pressure cooking as the safety features are bar-none. If making stocks from scratch is part of the cornerstone of your home-cooking, definitely consider this model as the stockpot style lends itself for cooking soups and alike. As I mentioned earlier, this is not the cheapest pressure cooker available. But I’d save the money to buy for quality, durability and safety as most likely you will be using this pressure cooker for a lifetime or longer.


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