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The Kitchenaid KSC6222SS Stainless Steel 6-Quart Slow Cooker offers a very unique design feature that sets it apart from the pack. The hinged lid allows you to open the lid from both sides of the pot as opposed to open the entire lid when serving. This helps minimize heat loss in the pot while providing an easy one-hand serving option. What an ingenious touch!

With the oval-shaped insert, you can cook up pretty much anything from a pot roast to a whole chicken with plenty of room to spare.

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Product Features

Capacity and Material

The 6-quart insert is made of ceramic and removable for easy cleaning. The exterior is finished with stainless steel that gives it a clean and sleek appeal.

Dimensions and Weight

The slow cooker weighs 16.1 pounds in total mostly due to the ceramic insert. The overall dimensions are: 10.5″ D x 17.5″ W x 10.8″ H.

Programmable with Multiple Temperature Settings

Four temperature settings are designed into the cooker as low, medium, high and keep warm to cover most of the slow cooking recipes and cooking time. The insert can be heated up to 300 F or 140 C in the oven although using it in the oven is not recommended.

A general rule of thumb is that cooking on high equates to half of the time in cooking on low. The “high” setting is ideal to cook food that’s conventionally baked in the oven such as roasted chicken breast or ginger bread. Cooking on “medium” heat is perfect for most of the recipes in slow cooking. Examples of these are pot roasts, short ribs and casserole dishes. “Low” is used to tenderize tough cuts of meat over a period of a day in order to develop a full and complex flavor profile. Lamb shanks are a prime example.

Lid and Handles

As mentioned earlier, the lid is the most innovative design element in this slow cooker. Besides being opened on both sides, there are also two loop handles on the lids for easy handling. Four additional handles are in the ceramic insert and in the exterior housing for easy transport.


Stainless steel with black


kitchenaid-6-quart-slow-cooker-base; image credit: Kitchenaid website


The cord has a three-prong plug that can be stored neatly underneath of the exterior vessel.



Easy to Use and Clean

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The Kitchenaid slow cooker has a large digital display panel that provides options to choose different temperature settings and to adjust the timer at a 30-minute increment.

Cooking a pot of meal is as easy as adding the dry ingredients and required liquid; plug the power cord into the wall outlet; press “Power” button; select the temp setting and adjust the timer. When the cooking is done, it will be switched to “keep warm” on its own for 4 hours by default setting. You may adjust the “keep warm” timer for up to 24 hours.

The ceramic insert and the lid are both dishwasher safe. Occasionally, the pot may develop some calcium deposit as a layer of white residue. You can dilute equal part of lemon juice with water and use a soft rag to wipe it out.  Always allow the insert to cool off before cleaning it as the temperature contrast between a hot pot and the cold water may cause the ceramic to crack.

Consumer Ratings

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4.0 out of 5.0

Acustomer shared her experience in using this slow cooker to cook pulled pork and how much she appreciated the hinged lid design feature to keep the food warm while serving with ease…Read More
Another reviewer liked the 6-quart size, stainless steel finish and the generous size to cook plenty of food in. There were also some concerns such as the ceramic pot was loosely fitted in the metal base…Read More


  • Hinged lids on both sides of the pot is definitely the biggest unique feature to enable easy serving with one hand while keeping the meal warm in the pot.
  • The digital display is easy to read and a snap to use.
  • The four temperature settings offer versatile cooking methods and time for most slow-cooking use.
  • The cord can be tucked away underneath after each use for neatness and for easy transport.


  • A couple of customers reported uneven cooking. Cutting the ingredients into even size would help in this regard.

Warranty and Replacement Parts

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One-year warranty is offered by Kitchenaid for this slow cooker.


It’s priced as the middle of the road in the slow cooker market. Since it’s a digitally programmed kind with different temp settings, it’s more expensive than a traditional crockpot slow cooker. Amazon’s price is about $20 cheaper than that on Kitchenaid own website.

Buy or Not Buy?

If having the hinged lid option is a huge plus for you and you love Kitchenaid products in general, I would opt to try this cooker out.

Give it’s a newer model and has had only a few customer reviews, I might want to wait till the jury is out before buying. The uneven-cooking comment has caused a source of concern for me personally.


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