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Fissler Blue Point 6-1/2 Quart Pressure Cooker is made by Fissler, a German brand of pressure cooker and household appliance manufacturer. It sports many of the modern pressure cooker design characteristics with a few unique selling points than the competitors’ in the market. The most noticeable feature is the ability to use the cooker with the lid under pressure or in conventional cooking in addition to “no noise”, “no smell” and “no steam”.

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Size, Capacity and Material

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6-1/2 quart is considered to be for use by small to medium-sized families as you can never fill the pot with full capacity under pressure. At best, 2/3 of the capacity is used and often times only 1/2 when cooking foods that swell and expand during the cooking process. The good examples of these types of foods are rice and beans. Enough “head space” is required for the pressure cooker to build up pressure. I’d suggest that you look into a larger size for a large family use.

The pressure cooker is made of 18/10 stainless steel with aluminum base encapsulated by two sheets of stainless steel to take advantage of the heat conductive properties in aluminum while leveraging the durability, easy-cleaning and attractive appearance of stainless steel.

The cooker is also designed for all cooktop surfaces, including, gas, electric, ceramic and induction. The bottom of the pot is designed with grid marks so it won’t be sliding on the stovetop. Very nice design touch!

Safety Features

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The pressure cooker is sealed with a gasket to form a hermetic airtight environment for cooking under pressure. The pressure is controlled via two independent valves. The safety valve located underneath the front of the long lid handle to allow excess pressure release. The secondly safety measure is the overpressure valve on the top of the short handle in case the first valve doesn’t function properly due to blockage.

Once the lid is closed by aligning the marks on the pot handle and the lid, it can be locked into position by pushing the latch downward toward you on the long lid handle.


The handles are ergonomically designed for ease of use and transporting. One thoughtful feature is the flame protection zone for those who cook on gas stoves to prevent flame from heating and burning the handle.

Pressure Settings

There are two pressure settings as “low” and “high”. Each has a set of temperature and pressure level. For example, to cook under “low” pressure, the temperature will be at 239 F while 248 F for “high”. The pressure cooker settings are built into the Blue Point button which also functions as the pressure indicator on top of the short handle.

Pressure Release Methods

Pressure is released through three methods. First, it’s the “cold water” method where the pressure cooker is removed from the heat source and taken to the sink under cold running water for a few minutes until the pressure indicator subsides from the protrusion. “Natural release” is the second method you may use to let the pressure cooker “chill out” on its own. This may take from 5 to 10 minutes. The third way is a quick way to release the pressure by turning the safety slide toward the open position and hold it there until pressure is fully released and the pressure indicator rod falls back into the socket completely.

Easy to Use and Clean

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To cook under pressure, add dry ingredients, seasoning and cooking liquid of your choice (water, broth, wine, beer, etc.). Close the lid and push the latch down toward you to lock the lid into position. A minimum of 2 cups of liquid is always required no matter how much or little you cook.

Turn the burner on high and place the cooker on the burner. As the cooking begins, the temperature rises and pressure starts to build up inside the cooker until the Fissler Euromatic valve closes completely. Then watch for the first marker rise from the pressure indicator as “low” pressure level is reached and second marker for “high” pressure level. Adjust the heat down as soon as the appropriate pressure level is achieved to maintain at the desired level. By then, it’s time for you to time the cooking according to the recipe.

The cooking pot and the lid are both dishwasher-safe. Make sure you remove the gasket before doing so. You may also wash both by hand in warm water with mild detergent. If stains are built up, you can use Fissler Stainless Steel Cleaner to keep the cooker with a brilliant shine.


User Manual is included. Optionally, you may purchase a steaming basket and a trivet at an additional cost.

Consumer Ratings

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3.8 out of 5.0

The Fissler pressure cooker has received diverse reviews, 67% of the reviews are five-stars while the remaining with 1 to 2 stars.

One customer gave a raving review about the design and build quality of the pressure cooker. She continued to say how easy and no-brainer it was to use this modern pressure cooker and recommended buying a pressure cooking book…Read More
Another customer shared the same feedback about the world-class craftmanship and how efficient it was to use this pressure cooker. Cleaning was a snap as all the parts could be taken apart effortlessly…Read More


  • With the fully enclosed system, this pressure cooker doesn’t produce hissing or rattling sound, very little steam release and no smell.
  • It’s made in Germany and well-constructed in stainless steel and aluminum for durability and functionality.
  • The handles are designed with ergonomic features for easy use and handling.
  • The cooker can be used in pressure and conventional cooking with the same lid switched on and off for either cooking method. This save money and storage space than most other brands with two interchangeable lids.
  • The flame-protection zone minimizes overheating and burning of the handles.
  • Clear instructions are provided on how to use and how to care.


  • It’s pricey comparing a U.S. brand pressure cooker such as Presto.
  • A few customers reported poor customer services by Fissler at their Los Angeles’ office in the U.S.

Warranty and Replacement Parts

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At Amazon, it’s stated that Fissler provides a lifetime limited warranty. When I read the User Manual, it says three-year warranty on all functional parts excluding parts subject to wear and tear such as the gasket, the valve base seal, etc. It’s confusing to me about the conflicting information. I would stick with the Product Description on Amazon for the lifetime warranty if any issues arise.


The price for this pressure cooker is on par with Kuhn Rikon, another well-known brand of pressure cookers. It’s not cheap for sure. But you’ll get what you pay for in terms of quality and design.

If you want to save 70% of the cooking time and 50% of the energy cost, this is definitely one of the well-made pressure cookers on the market. As I mentioned earlier, this 6.5-quart size is not that huge if you’d like to feed a large family. Fissler offers models of larger sizes such as 8.5 quart or 10.6 quart. Check them out on Amazon.


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