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Fagor’s Dominant Position in the Pressure Cooker Market

Fagor is one of the leading players in the pressure cooker market. Fagor belongs to the Mondragon Corporation headquartered in Basque region in Spain.

Mondragon was founded in 1956 in the town of Mondragon. It started as a small workshop manufacturing paraffin heaters and has since become the 7th largest Spanish company in revenues with four major business sectors in Finance, Industry, Retail and Knowledge.

Under the Mondragon Corporation, there are 256 companies and it employed 83,869 people as of the end of 2011.

Fagor is a subsidiary in the Industrial Sector. It manufactures and distributs appliances of different sizes and cookware in Europe, America and Africa with 13 subsidiaries around the globe and sales networks in 80 countries.

Product Strengths and Weaknesses

Fagor is known for innovation, exceptional design, high quality construction, safety features, energy efficiency and environmentally-friendliness.

Fagor’s Impressive Pressure Cooker Lines

Fagor carries multiple lines of pressure cookers from the very basic to the most cutting-edge and sophisticated. They are:

The pressure cookers are manufactured in Spain and China. These are the lines produced in each country:

Made in Spain

  • The Duo, The Chef and the Futuro Lines

Made in China

  • The Rapid Express, The Elite and The Splendid

One thing that Fagor doesn’t excel is that the pressure cookers are not made for canning, in part due to the limited upper size capacity. The largest pressure cooker in all Fagor lines are 10 quart, which is not nearly big enough for serious canning.



The Evolutionary Continuum

As the technology and design advance, the pressure cooker becomes safer, simpler to use and serves more than one cooking purposes. For example, the pressure cooker evolves from a single spring-loaded safety valve to a triple-safety system, which includes a primary safety valve and two independent over-pressure valves in the event the primary one doesn’t function properly.

Another safety feature is the locking mechanism in the lid. The pressure can’t be built up unless the lid is locked securely. The lid remains locked during the cooking process. On the flip side, the lid can’t be opened unless the pressure is released completely.

The improvement in the design element goes hand in hand with the enhanced safety features. A case in point is in the handle where shorter handles are designed for functionality as well as for easy storage.

The ultimate goal is to transform the way people cook, help them become more efficient with time and energy in order to enjoy other areas of their lives more.

Common Characteristics of Fagor Pressure Cookers

The basic foundational characteristics of these pressure cooker lines are:

  • 18/10 stainless steel in material
  • Multiple capacity sizes for pressure cooking and canning to fit different family needs
  • The cooking pots can be used for pressure cooking as well as stockpots with interchangeable lids between pots and between purposes of cooking (pressure vs. general cooking)
  • Modern and stylish to complement a similar kitchen decor
  • Spring-loaded valve for easy and flawless operation
  • Pressure indicator with varying pressure levels from 8 to 15 psi (pounds/square inch) to take the guesswork of pressure cooking
  • Automatic pressure release system for easy pressure release upon cooking to save time and to serve dinner faster
  • Work on all cooktop surfaces: gas, electric, ceramic and induction
  • 10-year warranty to ensure replacement parts are available and your issues with the pressure cooker addressed and serviced
  • User Manual in either booklet or DVD format to get you up to speed on pressure cooking

Versatility of Fagor Pressure Cookers

The Fagor pressure cooker is marketed as a single piece of cookware or in a set. A set often includes two cooking pots of different sizes, two lids (one for pressure cooking and the other as a stockpot cover), and a steamer basket with a trivet to elevate the steamer above the bottom of the pot to allow air and heat flow and circulation. Some of these sets also include a professional cookbook for you to jump start the pressure cooking or canning process.


The price points for Fagor’s pressure cookers and sets are in the mid to higher range, the highest being under $200. You can definitely see a price correlation between made in Spain vs. in China.

Fagor’s position in the world is not coincidental. Its focus on innovation, improvement on design and safety features along with their keen interest in helping consumers have put it on the global map of pressure cookers. Owning a Fagor pressure cooker is a smart investment that you’ll reap the benefits for years to come.


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