Fagor Futuro vs. Splendid

Out of the Fagor pressure cooker product portfolio, Futuro and Splendid represent both ends of the product release continuum with Splendid as one of the early releases and Futuro as a more recent one. Although the core design features remain to be constant, there are some nuanced upgrades to note. This post is for those who are trying to make heads or tails of the different features and decide on the best one to buy.


Design Features

The first distinction between the two product lines is in the shape of the cooking pot. Futuro has a “bell” shaped body with a more stylish look while Splendid is straight up and down like a non-sense businessman.

The second deviation lies in the handles. Two short handles are designed into the Futuro model whereas one long and one short handles are in the Splendid line. The advantage of the two short handles is to save storage space in the kitchen without sacrificing the “balancing act” when transporting.

Safety Features

Another note-worthy improvement is in the lid. The Futuro lid has an automatic locking mechanism to secure the lid into place for pressure cooking after aligning the upper and bottom lid handles and sliding to the left. This is a convenience or user-friendly feature that saves a step in the cooking process. In the Splendid model, one has to push the latch on the upper lid handle to lock the lid.

Another noticeable difference is in the pressure settings. There are 2 different pressure settings in Futuro vs. just one in Splendid. The 8 and 15 psi (pounds per square inch) in Futuro line is versatile for cooking all sorts of foods, delicate or not. The 15 psi is the standard for pressure cooking. The 8 psi is the icing on the cake for folks who might cook seafood and vegetables. The Splendid line has only 15 psi.

Manufacturing Location

With the global trend of shifting manufacturing facilities to those regions/countries with cheaper labor and material costs, Fagor has undergone a similar process of moving a majority of the production overseas such as China.

Futuro is one of the very few lines still designed and produced in Spain whereas Splendid has always been manufactured in China as a more economical pressure cooker.

Consumer Ratings

While it’s not absolute, the general perception is that products made in China are cheaper with perhaps less or more inconsistent quality standard. This is clearly reflected in the consumer ratings for both lines with 4.55-star ratings for Futuro vs. 3.93 for Splendid.


Prices for Futuro models are lot more expensive than those of Splendid. The difference may be doubled at times. For example, at the time of the review, for a 5-piece Futuro set, the price was over $170 vs. around $90 for the equivalent in Splendid.


As I eluded earlier, there are far more similarities in the two product lines such as the same materials of stainless steel and aluminum suitable for all stovetop surfaces (gas, electric, ceramic and induction). The Fagor signature safety features are carried out with the same 10-year warranty. Three different pressure release methods may be used as “automatic”, “cold water” and “natural release”.

Below is a Comparison Table highlighting the differences and similarities.

Fagor Futuro vs. Splendid Comparison Table

Capacity (Qt)4, 6 and 10 quart (10 quart also for canning), 4 and 6 quart in 5-piece set4, 6 and 10 quart sold as single unit and 8 quart in the multi-set
Sold in Single Unit or Setsingle & 5-piece setsingle, 5-piece set
What's Included in the Set5-piece set: 4 & 6 quart nesting pots, 2 interchangeable lids for pressure and stovetop cooking, a steamer basket/grater4, 6 and 10 quart; 2-in-1 set: 4 & 6 quart pots with 2 interchangeable lids, a steamer basket with wire trivet; multi-set: 4 & 8 quart pots with the same as the other set
Diameter (inches)9" for 4 & 6 quart and 10" for 8 and 10 quart9" for 4 and 6 quart; 10" for 8 quart
Shapebell; larger pot nested in the smaller pot in the setstraight; smaller base of the 6-quart pot nests into the 4 quart to save space
Materials18/10 stainless steel with a thermal heat conductive base consisted of three layers of metal: stainless steel, safe for contact with food; aluminum for heat conductivity; stainless steel with magnetic properties compatible with induction heating.same
Safety Featurestriple safety feature: 1) operating valve as primary pressure release; 2) safety valve as a backup measure if the primary valve is blocked; 3) safety vent as an emergency outlet if the two valves failsame
Lidautomatic lid locking mechanismby aligning the lid handle with that of the pot and sliding the lid handle to the leftno automatic locking mechanism; have to push the latch upward to lock it
Handle2 short handles for less storage spacesame
Pressure Level Indicatoryes, yellow pinyes, yellow pin
Pressure Setting (psi-pounds per square inch)8 and 15 psi15 psi
Pressure Release Methods ( 3 methods for all)automatic, cold water & natural releasesame
Cooktopsall cooking surfaces (incl. induction)same
AccessoriesInstruction Manual and "Tastefully Under Pressure" recipe bookInstruction Manual with Pressure cooker's recipe book
Warranty (year)1010
Consumer Ratings (avg)4.553.93
Read ReviewFagor Futuro 10-Quart ReviewFagor Splendid 5-Piece Set Review
PriceCheck Best PriceCheck Best Price
Manufacturing LocationSpainChina

Futuro or Splendid?

For those who are tight on budget, Splendid might be a wise option to save money while still getting a top brand pressure cooker. While the consumer ratings are not as glowing, they are still very good around the 4.0 mark.

If you don’t mind spending a little bit more to get peace of mind for the quality, materials and the options of two pressure settings, then opt for the Futuro line.

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