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Fagor Futuro 10-Quart Pressure Cooker combines innovation, style and performance. Made by the fifth largest household appliance manufacturer, Fagor in Spain, this cooker will put you far right on the evolutionary map of pressure cookers.

Would 70% reduction of cooking time be of any interest to you as a busy mom or a working husband?

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Size, Capacity and Material

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This Futuro pressure cooker comes from one of the bestselling lines, called Futuro, in Fagor’s pressure cooker collection. This unit has three different capacity sizes, 4, 6 or 10 quarts in liquid capacity and 4 pint jars for canning in the 10 quart capacity one.

If your primary purpose of having this cooker is for pressure-cooking, then 4 quart would be a wonderful size for singles, 6 for medium-sized and 10-quart for large-sized families. However, if you are more interested in canning, then I would advise you to look into a bigger size such as 15 quart and up.

The biggest attraction of this pressure cooker is that it’s made of 18/10 stainless steel (18% chromium and 10 % nickel). For many consumers out there, this is very important because of the potential health concerns stemmed from aluminum and non-stick coating material. Rest assured on this canner once for all.

Not only is the cooking pot made of stainless steel, but the base of the cooking pot is characterized by an impact bonded diffuser. What this is that a thick layer of aluminum is bonded by two outer layers of stainless steel. The aluminum base provides optimal heat conductivity and the stainless steel durability and high quality appearance and easy cleaning.

In addition, the Fagor pressure cooker/canner will work on any stove top: gas, electric, ceramic and even induction.

Safety Features

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Safety Valves

Not one, not two, but three-level safety system is designed into this cooker. First is the stainless steel control value that lets you monitor the cooking pressure inside of the pot; then the two independent over-pressure release valves as safety redundant measures; the lock on the handle to ensure that you can’t open the cooker during cooking and when the pressure is being released. A visual pressure indicator signals you when the pressure is built up in the cooker and you can start timing the cooking time per the recipe.

Seal: Gasket

The gasket seal creates an airtight seal between the lid and the cooking pot so no air can escape from the cooker.


It’s true that all the magic is in the lid. This is no exception. The operating or the primary valve is installed in the lid as a single-spring valve. There is also a latch or a lock to secure the lid when cooking and pressure releasing so nobody gets hurt by the build-up pressure.

Pressure Indicator for 2 Pressure Levels – 8 and 15 Psi (pound per square inch)

On the main handle of the cooker, there is a yellow pressure level indicator that pops up and down. When the pressure starts to build, the yellow indicator pops up to let you know the pressure is being built in the cooker. When you release the pressure after cooking, the same gadget will recede down to signal the pressure has been released.

Pressure Setting

Two pressure levels are provided for this pressure cooker of 8 and 15 psi (pound per square inch), which cover most of the pressure levels many recipes require. The settings are built right by the operating value in easy-to-use dials. Set it at 8 psi or 15 when the recipe calls for it.

Pressure Release Methods

Besides the cold water or natural release method, this cooker is designed with an automatic release method in the same dial-meter where you set the pressure level. If you turn the dial to the ‘steam” icon, then the pressure will be released from the cooker automatically until such time the yellow indicator goes down. Only then you can safely open the lid of the cooker to serve the food.


The pressure cooker has two short handles for the ease of storage. Can you believe how smart the overall design concept is?

Easy to Use and Clean

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The Fagor pressure cooker comes with a very detailed User Manual along with many delicious recipes. Read the Manual from cover to cover when you receive the cooker. Then consider one or two test runs with just water in the pot to get yourself familiarized with the pressure cooking process.

Remember first and foremost to check the gasket to make sure it’s intact free from wear and tear. Then make sure the operating valve is not clogged with food particles. If so, you may have to remove the valve and clean it. There are instructions on how to do that.

The cooking pot is supposed to be dishwasher-safe. Personally I wouldn’t do that as the detergent for dishwasher is harsher and plus it’s so cumbersome to stick a 10-quart pot in the washer to hog all the precious space.

One best practice to prolong the life of the gasket is to clean it and store it in the cooking pot, but not in the lid as it will stretch or bend while being idle. Once in a while, you may have to use a little bit cooking oil to make sure the gasket maintains the perfect shape. Over years of use, you may have to replace the gasket or sealing ring. Some customers just buy a few and store them in the kitchen in case the part is discontinued in the future. Chances of that is very rare as most of the manufacturers know they have to support their products over many years.


The Futuro 10-quart cooker comes with a steamer doubled as a grater. Once again, another mark of ingenuity in the design.

Consumer Ratings

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4.5 out of 556 online reviewers rated the product as 4.5 out of 5 star ratings, 44 of the 56 people gave it straight 5-stars. Here is a taste of how zealous customers got when talking about this pressure cooker:

The stew meat was so tender as if it were cooked in a slow cooker for hours. In fact, it tasted better than the slow cooked meat… Read More
Tpressure cooker is a dream. It is so quiet. No steam. No hissing. No rocking. Just pure performance and result…Read More


  • Cut down the cooking time by 70% from the conventional cooking methods.
  • The food tastes more delicious than being cooked in a slow cooker all day.
  • More nutrients and moisture are preserved in the pressure cooking.
  • The pressure cooker operates with whisper-quietness. What an oxymoron for a pressure cooker!
  • The pressure cooker/canner is made of high quality materials (stainless steel and aluminum) and is made in Spain vs. in China.
  • The safety valve and the gasket are easy to remove and easy to clean.
  • The design of the pressure cooker is futuristic and modern that fits into any modern décor in the kitchen.
  • The steamer/grater is such a nice touch.
  • The instructions are very easy to follow and the operation is flawless.
  • The customer service at Fagor is very helpful.


  • No low pressure of 5 psi
  • The sticker on the outside of the cooking pan is hard to get off.
  • Pricey

Warranty and Replacement Parts

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10-year warranty is offered for this pressure cooker. Fagor has a subsidiary in the U.S. So ordering replacement parts is just a breeze.


Fagor Futuro 10-quart pressure cooker/canner is on the higher end of price point under $200. Amazon carries all three capacity sizes (4, 6 and 10 quarts) with very favorable price.


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