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I’ve got this question often from my site visitors on what the major differences are between Fagor Duo vs. Futuro pressure cookers. Unless you spend quite a bit of time researching and know where/what to look for, it’s very hard to tell them apart from the product descriptions. I am hoping this post will help those who are “down to the wire” in choosing one model vs. another.

Fagor Duo and Futuro are two of the newer product lines within the Fagor pressure cooker collections. While there are many similar features in both lines, there are some differences. Some of which are subtle while others are significant. Let’s look underneath the “hood” to see how/where they differ.


Design Elements

Fagor Futuro was introduced with improvements over its predecessor, the Duo line. One of the differences is in the shape of the cooking pot being “bell” or “curvy” shape vs. the “straight” in the Duo line. From an aesthetic point of view, the “bell” shape presents a more stylish appearance than the straight up and down utilitarian look. In fact, the bell shape wasn’t new in the Futuro collection as it was in the first pressure cooker line, Rapida way back then.

Another significant design shift is reflected in the handles of the cooker. The Futuro line has two short handles vs. a long and a short handles in the Duo. The benefit of the short handles are for easy storage since you don’t have to budget for extra space for the long handle in your kitchen cupboard.

Product Bundle Options

Both lines are sold in either single unit or bundled as a set. The Duo line has two options for set. The 5-piece Duo Combi consists of 4 and 8 quart pots, 2 interchangeable lids for pressure and stovetop cooking and a steamer basket with a wire trivet. The Duo line also comes with a 9-piece canning set: 10 quart pot, canning rack, stainless steel funnel, stainless steel ladle, jar lifter, jar wrench, bubble freer, magnetic lid lifer, home canning cookbook with recipes.

The Futuro 5-piece set includes: 4 & 6 quart nesting pots, 2 interchangeable lids for pressure and stovetop cooking, a steamer basket doubled up as grater.

Safety Features

One subtle change in the safety feature in the Futuro is that the lid has an automatic locking mechanism when aligning the top and the bottom lid handles and sliding to the left (clockwise). In the Duo line, you’d have to push the lock button upward to lock the lid in order for pressure to build up. So, it’s a saving of one step in closing and locking of the lid.


A full cookbook entitled “Tastefully Under Pressure” is included in all the Futuro models whereas only a color recipe book is included in the Duo collection.

Manufacturing Location

Futuro pressure cookers are designed AND manufactured in Spain as opposed to the Duo line being designed in Spain, but manufactured in China as of 2008. This was a cost-cutting decision made by Fagor along with some of the other cookware manufacturers in the world. This change has caused some concerns among prospective buyers in terms of quality and consistency from “Made in China”. Another implication lies in the pricing strategy detailed later in this post.

Consumer Ratings

As I mentioned above, the manufacturing location seems to have some positive or negative impact on the consumer ratings. I gathered some ratings at Amazon for the two lines for different capacity sizes in single unit or in sets, the Duo has received an average of 3.83 out of 5.0 vs. 4.55 for the Futuro line.


The differential in pricing is more perceptible. For example, the Futuro 6-quart doubles the price of the same in the Duo. While the ratio is not applicable for all sizes, but the differences are significant to sway one’s buying decision.

I’ve compiled a comparison table for your quick reference.

Compare Fagor Duo and Futuro Pressure Cookers

Capacity (Qt)4, 6, 8 and 10 quart (10 also for canning); 4 & 8 quart in the 5-piece set; 10-quart in the 9-piece canning set4, 6 and 10 quart (10 quart also for canning), 4 and 6 quart in 5-piece set
Sold in Single Unit or Setsingle, 5-piece & 9-piece setssingle & 5-piece set
What's in the Set5-piece DUO Combi set: 4 & 8 quart pots, 2 interchangeable lids for pressure and stovetop cooking, a steamer basket with wire trivet; 9-piece canning set: 10 quart pot, canning rack, stainless steel funnel, stainless steel ladle, jar lifter, jar wrench, bubble freer, magnetic lid lifer, home canning cookbook with recipes5-piece set: 4 & 6 quart nesting pots, 2 interchangeable lids for pressure and stovetop cooking, a steamer basket/grater
Diameter (inches)9" for 4 & 6 quart and 10" for 8 and 10 quart9" for 4 & 6 quart and 10" for 8 and 10 quart
Shapestraightbell; larger pot nested in the smaller pot in the set
Materials18/10 stainless steel with a thermal heat conductive base consisted of three layers of metal: stainless steel, safe for contact with food; aluminum for heat conductivity; stainless steel with magnetic properties compatible with induction heating.same
Safety Featurestriple safety feature: 1) operating valve as primary pressure release; 2) safety valve as a backup measure if the primary valve is blocked; 3) safety vent as an emergency outlet if the two valves failSame
Handle1 long & 1 short handles2 short handles for less storage space
Pressure Level Indicatoryes, yellow pinyes, yellow pin
Pressure Setting (psi-pounds per square inch)8 and 15 psi8 and 15 psi
Pressure Release Methods automatic, cold water & natural releaseautomatic, cold water & natural release
Handlesleek black ergomonically designed handlesautomatic locking mechanism by aligning the lid handle with that of the pot and sliding the lid handle to the left
Cooktopsall cooking surfaces (incl. induction)all cooking surfaces (incl. induction)
AccessoriesInstruction Manual and Color Recipe BookInstruction Manual and "Tastefully Under Pressure" recipe book
Warranty (year)1010
Consumer Ratings (avg)3.834.55
Read ReviewFagor Duo 6-Quart ReviewFagor Futuro 6-Quart Review
PriceCheck Best PriceCheck Best Price
Manufacturing LocationChina as of 2008Spain



Both lines are made of 18/10 stainless steel with thermal heat conductive aluminum sandwiched between two sheets of stainless steel. Stainless steel is safe and hygienic in contact with food while aluminum for optimal heat conductivity. The external layer of stainless steel also has magnetic properties compatible with induction heating besides gas, electric and ceramic cooktops.

Capacity Size and Dimensions

Multiple capacity sizes are offered in both lines. In Duo, 4, 6, 8 and 10 quart are available. The 10-quart can also be used for minor canning. The diameter sizes are 9″ for the 4 and 6 quart and 10″ for the 8 and 10 quart.

The Futuro line comes with 4, 6 and 10 quart sizes without the 8 quart with the same diameter measures as the Duo.

Safety Features

Both Duo and Futuro lines are equipped with triple-safety features as in operating valve, safety valve and safety vent as integrated safety measures. Both pots are locked into place and remain to be so until the pressure is fully and safely released.


A standard 10-year manufacturer limited warranty is offered for all Fagor pressure cookers.

Which One to Buy?

I am guessing at this point you might be wondering which one to buy.

I would choose Futuro over Duo due to better and more consistent quality as it’s designed and made in Spain. I assume that money is not an issue. For the incremental increase in price, I’d even save up to buy Futuro than settling for a cheaper model. After all, a pressure cooker is and should be a long-term investment that will last for many years to come.

On the other hand, the Duo Combi 5-piece set has been rated as 4.4 which is considered as outstanding. The worst rated one among the Duo line is the 8-quart as 3.0 out of 5.0.

Hope this is helpful in your decision-making. Please feel free to leave a comment below or contact me with further questions.

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