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If you are scratching your head and trying to figure out which model is the best for you between Fagor Duo vs. Elite, you are not alone. This post is to compare the two lines to give you some insight.

While they are similar in so many ways, there are some material differences worth highlighting.


Product Bundle Options

Both Duo and Elite are sold in a single unit as well as in a set. The Duo line also offers a second set for canning purpose only. The set includes canning accessories such as bottle freer, funnel, etc. See the entire list in the Comparison Table below.

Pressure Level

The Duo pressure cooker line is an upgrade from the Elite in terms of pressure settings which has 8 and 15 psi (pounds per square inch) for cooking delicate and tougher textured foods. The Elite only has 15 psi that doesn’t offer the option to automatically set for cooking seafood and vegetables. You’ll have to shorten the cooking time to make it work.

Manufacturing Location

Prior to 2008, the Duo line was designed and manufactured in Spain while Elite was in China. After 2008, both have been manufactured in China. The switch has impacted in both pricing and quality. Due to the cheaper manufacturing cost, the Duo line has cannibalized the market share enjoyed by Elite as a more affordable offering to the consumers. Now, the pricing between the two are so miniscule and I am wondering if the Duo line will replace Elite in the near future.

Consumer Ratings

The impact on the quality is noticeably more negative for Duo as it used to enjoy quite favorable ratings by consumers, but it has changed since 2008. The average ratings for the Duo series are 3.83 vs. 3.73 for the Elite.

I am not going to dispute the general perception, sometimes the reality by the public about the lesser quality of products made in China. Then again, not all products made in China are bad either. For example, the Elite 5-piece set has received 4.9 ratings which are almost perfect scores. At the time of the review, the Elite set wasn’t in stock at Amazon and a few other major retailers.


Design Elements

Both Duo and Elite have a straight shape in the cooking pot with two handles (one long and one short). Both lines are made of stainless steel with a tri-clad base made of aluminum encapsulated by two layers of stainless steel for best heat transfer and overall appearance and ease of cleaning.

Capacity Size and Dimensions

Both lines offer a variety of sizes in 4, 6, 8 or 10 quart pot. The 10-quart is designed for canning as well as for pressure cooking. The diameter is the same for the 4 and 6-quart (9″) and the same for the 8 and 10 quart (10″).

They are suitable for all cooktops, including electric, gas, ceramic and induction.

Safety Features

The Fagor triple safety features are built into all pressure cookers.


A 10-year warranty is applicable for both product lines.

Fagor Duo vs. Elite Comparison Table

Capacity (Qt)4, 6, 8 and 10 quart (10 also for canning); 4 & 8 quart in the 5-piece set; 10-quart in the 9-piece canning set4, 6 and 10 quart; 10 quart can be used for canning; the set includes 4 & 8 quart pots
Sold in Single Unit or Setsingle, 5-piece & 9-piece setssingle and 5-piece
What's Included in the Set5-piece DUO Combi set: 4 & 8 quart pots, 2 interchangeable lids for pressure and stovetop cooking, a steamer basket with wire trivet; 9-piece canning set: 10 quart pot, canning rack, stainless steel funnel, stainless steel ladle, jar lifter, jar wrench, bubble freer, magnetic lid lifer, home canning cookbook with recipesthe set includes 4 & 8 quart pots, 2 interchangeable lids, a steamer with wire trivet
Diameter (inches)9" for 4 & 6 quart and 10" for 8 and 10 quart9" for 4 & 6 quart and 10" for 8 and 10 quart
Materials18/10 stainless steel with a thermal heat conductive base consisted of three layers of metal: stainless steel, safe for contact with food; aluminum for heat conductivity; stainless steel with magnetic properties compatible with induction heating.same
Safety Featurestriple safety feature: 1) operating valve as primary pressure release; 2) safety valve as a backup measure if the primary valve is blocked; 3) safety vent as an emergency outlet if the two valves failsame
Handle1 long & 1 short handles1 long & 1 short handles
Pressure Level Indicatoryes, yellow pinyes, yellow pin
Pressure Setting (psi-pounds per square inch)8 and 15 psi15 psi
Pressure Release Methods ( 3 methods for all)automatic, cold water & natural releaseautomatic, cold water & natural release
Cooktopsall cooking surfaces (incl. induction)same
AccessoriesInstruction Manual and Color Recipe Booksame
Warranty (year)10same
Consumer Ratings (avg)3.833.73
Read ReviewFagor Duo 6-Quart ReviewFagor Elite 5-Piece Set Review
PriceCheck Best PriceCheck Best Price
Manufacturing LocationChina as of 2008China

Which One Would I Recommend?

All things considered, I’d recommend the Duo line over the Elite for a few reasons.

  1. The Duo series have two pressure options for low and high more versatile for cooking different types of foods without the hassle of adjusting the cooking time.
  2. The Duo was designed as a higher-end line in the Fagor pressure cooker collections. They may still carry the product characteristics even though being manufactured in China now.
  3. The price differentials are so negligible now between the two. Why not buy one with more options?
  4. Product availability is another consideration in my recommendation.

I hope this side-by-side comparison has made it easier for you to make an educated buying decision.

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