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Whether you are a die-hard vegan or love to cook Indian or Mexican food, this EZ Bean Pressure Cooker is just for you. This is the first cooker on the market specifically designed with bean lovers in mind. Forget about soaking dry beans overnight and cook for a few more hours on the stove. This magic cooker can do it all for you in less than an hour without soaking. The easy-to-read Display Panel shows you so many options from cook lentils to blackeye peas.

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Size, Capacity and Material

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With 5-quart in liquid capacity, it is perfect for cooking a pound of beans. You might be wondering what on earth it’s so limited in cooking capacity. Glad you’ve asked. In a pressure cooker, the cooking capacity can never be 100% full. When cooking beans, the capacity is further reduced due to the frothing nature of beans. Ample “head” space is reserved for pressure buildup. Also who wants to eat leftover beans all the time when you can whip up a fresh batch in 15 minutes?

The external vessel is made of brushed stainless steel with black housing. It’s neutral in color and style that matches any color or decor in a kitchen.

The inner cooking pot is made of non-stick material that prevents beans or rice from sticking. It’s also easy for cleaning.

Safety Features

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Being so easy doesn’t mean any promise in safety. The lid and the pot are sealed with a silicone gasket to form a hermetic seal. The lid will be locked when it’s properly closed. Only when closed, can the cooker start to pressurize.

Excess pressure is released through a primary pressure release valve. A protection switch will be automatically turned off if the pressure exceeds 10 psi. Pressure limit valve will kick into gear to release excess pressure if pressure rises above the pre-set value. Icing on the cake is the anti-blocking shied underneath the lid to stop food debris from obstructing the vent stem.

2 Pressure Settings

The cooker has two pressure levels for “low” or “high” in 6 psi (pounds per square inch) or 10 psi respectively.

1 Pressure Release Method

Releasing pressure is as easy as turning the pressure release valve to “Open Vent”. It takes about 3 minutes for the pressure to be fully released.

3 Handles

There are three handles in this cooker, one on top and two short handles on the sides for easy transport.

Easy to Use and Clean

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If you were always afraid of using a pressure cooker in the past, rest assured this is the easiest and safest pressure cooker to use. Cooking a pot of beans or rice is as easy as:

  1. Add ingredients (dry and wet)
  2. Select a menu option
  3. Hit “Start” button and you are done.


The Display Control is so intuitive – what you see is what you get. Better yet, each menu option tells you what type of bean it is as well as how long it takes to cook (in minutes). Let’s count beans: from lentils, blackeye peas, black bleans, navy beans, pinto beans, great northern beans, kidney beans to garbanzo beans.

A Manual Cook button is for you to adjust cooking time manually to suit your own preference for doneness. Once the cooking is done, it switches to “Keep Warm” mode for up to 90 minutes.

While it’s stated that the inner cooking pot is dishwasher safe, I’d feel more comfortable washing it by hand so the non-stick surface won’t be scratched. All you need to do is to wash it in warm soapy water with a dish towel or brush. Make sure you use a wooden or plastic spoon/spatula for cooking.

Included Accessories

A User Manual and a recipe booklet

Consumer Ratings

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4.7 out of 5.0

Out of 12 reviewers on Amazon, 11 people gave it a 5-star rating.

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  • Perfect tool in the kitchen to cook all sorts of beans, hassle-free and quickly.
  • Easy to read Display Panel allows you to push a few buttons to cook a pot of beans.
  • Saves so much soaking and cooking time; cut down the cost of electricity or gas bill.
  • Multiple safety features ensure your safety in using this pressure cooker.
  • It’s more versatile than just cooking beans. You can cook rice and soups as well.
  • Two pressure settings in 6 and 10 psi for different pressure cooking recipes.


  • No 15 psi which is the standard pressure level in pressure cooking. You may compensate the lower pressure setting with longer cooking time.
  • Very limited warranty period.

Warranty and Replacement Parts

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Only 90-day warranty is provided by EZ Bean Cooker, which is much shorter than a year for an electric pressure cooker. Replacements for gasket and release valve can be found on EZ Bean Cooker’s website for a nominal fee.


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It’s priced fairly in the electric pressure cooker market and might be even lower than some of the brands such as Instant Pot Cooker. The argument might be that the EZ Bean Cooker is only for cooking beans. But the truth is that it can be used for cooking rice, soups and many other dishes.

I hope I don’t have to tell you the many benefits of consuming beans in your daily diet. Beans are high in protein, fiber, mineral, and vitamins. They also help make you feel fuller if managing weight is one of your objectives.  What else makes beans beloved staples is that they are affordable and easy to store for a very long time. If time-consuming in cooking beans is one of the main factors in the past, this EZ Bean Cooker has come to the rescue. Head over to Amazon to read real customer reviews and find out why they’ve loved this cooker so much.


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