Pressure Cooking Saves Time and Money – Don’t Let the Economy Put You Under Pressure

Let’s admit it: times are tough. Recently, President Obama did a State of the Union address that focused on raising minimum wage. Some people have mixed emotions about that. While waiting for the political debate across the isles, it’s hard to wait and keep watching the price of our goods go up with inflation.

So you may be asking yourself, “What can I do to save a few bucks in the meantime?”. It is agreed that staying in and cooking your own meal can save you a lot of money and with the busy working class, it’s hard to accomplish a healthy meal with so much on your plate. I have set out a few examples below on how you can save some money and tighten your budget using a pressure cooker.

Prepare Large Meals Ahead of Time

We’ve all got work to do and anytime you have to prepare a meal for your family is very precious. So if you can prepare that meatloaf, casserole, stew or whatever you fancy in less than an hour – awesome! Then you can cool it, freeze it, and label it for future meals.

This not only cuts your time in half (or more), but also can save you time when everyone gets home from a long day and is hungry. Not only that, you know what’s in your frozen prepared meals! There are so many added ingredients in purchased frozen meals that it’s hard to keep up with all those foreign ingredients.

Buy Inexpensive Cuts of Meat

Let’s say your favorite grocery store is having a sale on pork roast, but you don’t know what to do with it? Just purchase it and simply “quick braise” it in your pressure cooker and use it for your meals. Leftover braised meats can be perfect for stews, tacos, pasta dishes, and more. So it’s easy to divide up that pork roast you found on sale amongst many meals. And it not only stops at just pork; beef, lamb, poultry – any protein.

Use up Your Leftover Vegetables

You have some greens that are just on their way out the door. Pressure cook them for 5 minutes. It can be difficult to use up every last vegetable in your fridge, but ‘pressuring’ yourself to use them up will save on waste and your hard earned money. Carry on the new trend of  ‘Meatless Mondays’ with your family. Your pocketbook will thank you and maybe even help you avoid some unnecessary hospital bills down the road. Take care of your wallet and yourself along with your loved ones, too.

Make Homemade Baby Foods

Jar after jar of purchased baby food can really add up and you want it in your best interest to make sure your baby is fully nourished with a balanced meal. A great example: purchase some frozen peas and other green veggies you’d like to have, and quickly pressure cook them down. Next, puree what you have cooked down and you can jar the food or even do it by the canning process with your pressure cooker. Same can be done with fruit. And a little known secret about frozen food: it is flash frozen at its peak. Meaning, it can sometimes be fresher than what you see in the produce aisle.

So don’t let this current economic downturn get you down. By trying just a few of these methods, you will see a substantial change in your budget and become more conscious of what you and your family consume. And hey, if you save a few bucks down the road from this method, treat yourself every so often with some of the money you saved. You deserve it.

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