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Very rarely would you find a cookware that’s been rated as 4.9 out of 5 stars in the consumer product market. This Cuisinart MSC-600 3-in-1 Cooker is just that with the combination of new features and quality that set it apart from the pack in the slow cooker market.

The one unique feature is the ability to sauté/brown ingredients right in the slow cooker to add depth and flavors to the finished meal. Skip the hassle of doing it on a stovetop in a different pan and hoist a big piece of meat out of the pan and into the slow cooker. For me the best part is that you don’t have to wash an extra pan after cooking.

The Cuisinart MSC-600 features three functions into one single unit, that is, sauté/brown, slow cook and steam. With the combination of cooking methods, you can pretty much make any meal for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert.

The timer allows you to program the cooker up to 24 hours ahead to cook for you when you are at work or being caught in the traffic jam as if you had your personal chef in the kitchen all day. If you get tied up by a late meeting, it can switch to “keep warm” after the cooking is done for up to 8 hours. 

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Product Features

Capacity and Material

Unlike the old-fashioned crockpot slow cooker, this one is made of non-stick aluminum that’s feather-light comparing to the heavy crockpot. In addition, the inner pot will not crack like the crockpot over time. The exterior housing is made of brushed stainless steel that’s modern in style. The cooking surface and other parts in contact with food are all BPA-free.

With a 6-quart capacity size, it’s perfect for most of the family sizes, small or large.

Dimensions and Weight

The overall dimensions are 19-inch wide, 12-inch deep and 9.5-inch high weighing 16 pounds.

Programmable with Multiple Temperature Setting

There are multiple temperature settings as sauté/brown defaulted as 350, but you can crank it up to 400 degrees F if needed. The slow cook function has three temperature variables as 212 for high, 200 for low and 185 for simmer. The Keep Warm function is set at 165 which is only for “warming”, but not for “cooking”.

Generally speaking, if you don’t have much time, use “high” to cook food twice as fast. 1 hour on “high” equals to 2 hours on “low”. On weekends, you may choose “low” to cook a rack of baby ribs all day until the meat falls off from the bone.

Lid and Handles

The glass lid offers a clear view to see what’s going on in the cooker and the handles are ergonomically designed for comfort and ease of transporting the pot from the kitchen to the dining table or to a party.


The stainless steel finish will blend in with any kitchen décor or style.


A short power cord comes with the cooker as the standard practice in the appliance industry to prevent accidents such as entanglement or tripping-over a long cord. An extension cord may be used with proper care.


A steam rack is included.

Easy to Use and Clean

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The large LCD display is backlit so you can see it easily and in the dark. The control panel is organized with time and temperature setting on top with “up” and “down” options on each side. Below are three cooking functions (from left to right) as “slow cook”, “sauté/brown” and “steam”. The “start/stop” button is on the very bottom.

Using this cooker is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Add the ingredients and liquid to the inner pot. Choose a cooking method such as “slow cook” and adjust the timer and temperature if needed. Press “start/stop” button.

If you need to sauté/brown the meat first, choose that option first. Then select “slow cook” after finishing sautéing and adjust the cooking time. No need to re-press the “start/stop” button in this case as the cooker is already on.

The Instruction Booklet provided is one of the best and most comprehensive ones I’ve seen. Follow the steps for each cooking method and you can’t mess it up even if you had tried.

The inner pot, steam rack and glass lid are all dishwasher-safe per Cuisinart. One caveat is to place them in the upper rack. Personally I’d advise you not to put the inner pot in the dishwasher. Hand wash it with warm soapy water. By the way, use a non-metal spoon to cook with to prevent scratches in the inner surface. 

Consumer Ratings

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4.9 out of 5.0

One customer used it to cook the best stew and enjoyed the cooker so much wondering why this cook hadn’t been “invented” earlier…Read More
Another reviewer liked the versatility of this multi-functional cooker as a slow cooker as well as an electric all purpose pot. It became a “permanent” appliance on the kitchen counter…Read More


  • 3-in-1 offers versatility to cook many meals in one cooker without the trouble of transferring the food from one pot to the slow cooker.
  • The large backlit LCD display makes it so fool-proof to use the cooker and easy to see at night.
  • 5 handles on top and on the sides allow you to transport it effortlessly whether it’s at home or not.
  • The 24-hour timer should be everyone’s best friend to get the cooking going long before you get home from work to save you hours in the kitchen.
  • 3-year limited warranty is 3x as long as other competing slow cookers in the market. That’s evident of Cuisinart’s commitment to quality and customer service.


  • It’s more expensive than regular crockpot style slow cookers.

Warranty and Replacement Parts

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3-year warranty is provided and replacement parts can be found on Cuisinart’s website and other authorized retailers.


It’s slightly more expensive than competitor’s.

Buy or Not Buy?

If you don’t own a slow cooker or are ready to update your kitchen appliances, this Cuisinart slow cooker is a very serious contender. It has so many great  features a top-of-the-line slow cooker possesses and it has received almost perfect scores by consumers. Yes, it might be $20 more than another comparable cooker, but you are getting the convenience of sauté/brown feature in the same pot and a 24-hour timer.


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