Fagor vs. Presto

Perhaps you can’t find two pressure cooker brands as starkly contrasted as Fagor vs. Presto. The differences in brand positioning, design and pricing all make them unique. This post is to highlight where they differ so you as an end user can make a better buying decision when it comes to shopping for a pressure cooker. Design Feature Fagor...

Fagor Futuro vs. Splendid

Fagor Futuro vs. Splendid Out of the Fagor pressure cooker product portfolio, Futuro and Splendid represent both ends of the product release continuum with Splendid as one of the early releases and Futuro as a more recent one. Although the core design features remain to be constant, there are some nuanced upgrades to note. This post is for those who are trying to make...

Fagor Duo vs. Splendid

Fagor Duo vs. Splendid Duo and Splendid are two of a number of pressure cooker lines by Fagor, a key manufacturer and marketer of pressure cookers and other appliances headquartered in Spain. From the outside, it’s really hard to tell why the two lines exist side-by-side until you take a microscopic look. Differences Product Bundle Options The Duo line is sold as...

Fagor Duo vs. Elite

Fagor Duo vs. Elite If you are scratching your head and trying to figure out which model is the best for you between Fagor Duo vs. Elite, you are not alone. This post is to compare the two lines to give you some insight. While they are similar in so many ways, there are some material differences worth highlighting. Differences Product Bundle Options Both Duo and...

Fagor Duo vs. Futuro

Fagor Duo vs. Futuro I’ve got this question often from my site visitors on what the major differences are between Fagor Duo vs. Futuro pressure cookers. Unless you spend quite a bit of time researching and know where/what to look for, it’s very hard to tell them apart from the product descriptions. I am hoping this post will help those who are “down...

Hottest Canner for Christmas 2012

There are always a few home-making queens or kings in our lives. If you are contemplating about buying a canner for them as a Christmas gift this year, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will cut into the chase and share the insight into the hottest pressure canners in 2012. While there may be hundreds of pressure cookers/canner...

Presto 01362 vs. 01365 Pressure Cookers

Presto 01362 vs. 01365 Pressure Cookers When we stack up the Presto 01362 against 01365 pressure cookers, we can tell there are some minor cosmetic differences. But are they really that much different to warrant over a 20% increase in price? I’ll let you be the judge. Presto pressure cookers and canners are well-liked by consumers in the U.S. due to its brand recognition, product...

Kuhn Rikon 3344 vs 3918 Pressure Cookers

Kuhn Rikon 3344 vs 3918 Pressure Cookers If you are wondering what the differences are between Kuhn Rikon 3344 and 3918, you are not alone. Many consumers who have done enough research and have narrowed down to the two finalists would have the same question. On the surface, they look like they have so much in common such as stainless steel, capacity size and the safety features, yet...

Fagor vs Kuhn Rikon Pressure Cookers

Fagor vs Kuhn Rikon Pressure Cookers Fagor and Kuhn Rikon are the two heavy champions on the stage of pressure cookers. Their stellar reputations precede both brands and they have won over thousands of customers with their world-class pressure cookers. But for someone who is new to the pressure cooker market, the question remains on what the major differences are between the two...


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