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The CanCooker Can Cooker is the simplest yet most functional cooker for your next tailgating party (hint, hint, February 3, 2013), camping, hunting or ski trips, or just a backyard party. It doesn’t require much of any cooking skill to cook up a batch of tasty food for your hungry crowd.

You can literally “dump” or “throw in” all the ingredients, seasoning and 12 oz cooking liquid of your choice. The best is that it takes less time, less energy and savings in your pocket. Did I say it’s so easy to use and clean as well?

Believe it or not, the CanCooker product concept was originated from Eastern Nebraska about two generations ago. When folks participated in a cattle round up on the ranch, all the families brought with them different foods to throw in a cream can on a fire. A few hours later, everyone would gather around to enjoy a hearty homemade meal.

The young Seth McGinn with the fondest memory from the cattle round up tried to recreate the cream can meal by designing the CanCooker can cooker. It took him several tries and the rest is history as they say.

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Size, Capacity and Material

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The can cooker has a capacity of 4 gallons or 16 quarts that can literally feed a hungry crowd of up to 20 people. It is made of hard-anodized heavy aluminum that’s safe for cooking, light and portable in weight and highly conductive in heat transfer. The big cooker only weighs about 4 pounds without food.

The CanCooker cooker works like a convection oven. The liquid reaches to a boiling point at 212 F, and it turns into steam. Since steam is lighter than the cooler air in the cooker, it begins to circulate to create a convection effect. The steam cooks the food by penetrating.

Convection cooking has several distinct advantages such as it cooks food faster, more evenly to eliminate hot spots and requires a lower temperature upon reaching to the boiling point.

The cooker is measured as 14″ deep and 10″ in diameter.

Safety Features

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The cooker is sealed with a silicone gasket much like that in a typical pressure cooker. The lid is locked down with two clamps on each side of the cooker. There is a vent on top of the lid to let pressure escape.


Two handles are riveted to the sides of the can cooker for easy handling and stability and one on top for opening and closing the lid.

There is no fancy gauge for pressure indicator and pressure setting, just the good old container.

Easy to Use and Clean

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As I mentioned in the Introduction, it doesn’t require any skill to cook a good meal. All you need to do is to follow these simple steps:

  1. Add ingredients such as meat, vegetables, seasoning, and 12 oz liquid.
  2. Close the lid by locking down the clamps.
  3. Place the cooker on a heat source such as a camp fire, gas tove, BBQ grill, a charcoal grill, propane stove, or even on your indoor stove top.
  4. Turn the heat on high to reach to a boiling point to see steam coming out of the vent on top of the lid.
  5. Lower the heat and let it cook for an hour.
  6. Remove the cooker from the heat source and let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes.
  7. Open the lid with a kitchen mitt and pour the food out into a serving platter and serve.

Cleaning is just as easy. Wash the can cooker inside and out with warm soapy water. You may spray the inside of the cooker with cooking spray before cooking for easier cleaning. Apply a bit of bar soap on the outside and bottom of the cooker from soot from sticking and for easy cleaning.


It comes with a User Manual and a cloth bag for carrying the cooker. Optionally, you can purchase a rack to put on the inside bottom of the cooker to prevent food from sticking.

Consumer Ratings

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4.8 out of 5.0

It’s not that often that you’d come across a product with such high ratings.

One customers really appreciated the cooker for being able to cook a large quantity of food at once; outdoor friendly with such a unique design and features. This customer also had some ideas on how to improve the cooker…Read More
Another customer shared his experience of how easy it was to fix a meal and how it would make a chef out of you even if you were not. The product stayed true to everything the manufacturer advertised…Read More


  • It’s so easy to use and breezy to clean.
  • It cooks food fast with less time and less heat to put savings in your pocket.
  • The steam penetrates food faster and more evenly and more vitamins and nutrients are retained in the food instead of being boiled away.
  • It’s light and portable. Perfect for outdoor cooking!
  • It can be used on many different heat sources such as indoor stove top and outdoor grills, camp fire, etc.
  • The large capacity feeds a large group of people on a tight budget.


  • It can get really heavy when it’s fully loaded with food and liquid. Therefore it requires a muscle man to transport and pour food out.
  • The depth of the cooker (14 inches) makes it a bit awkward to load ingredients in. You may need a long handle spoon to stir and mix all the ingredients.
  • Doesn’t come with the racks, sold separately.

Warranty and Replacement Parts

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It has a one-year limited warranty against defective materials and workmanship.




It’s priced very reasonably around $70. It will last forever. There are two models of the same design with different graphics on the front of the can cooker, i.e., the classic look with a the CanCooker logo and a pile of food, the other with the logo and a skull as the Bone Collector addition.

I am thinking to myself while writing this review. I can think of several people I may buy this as a gift. I can get it for my husband as he loves any outdoor cooking equipment for camping, ski and rafting trips. Another friend of mine does tailgating with his buddies. It’s a perfect Valentine present for anyone in your life who is interested in outdoor activities and cooking. This can cooker definitely will make it very memorable for many years to come.


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  1. tiffany rich says:

    I received , one last year for Christmas. Used it, all winter. Put it away for summer and tool it out very anxious to use it and it has a pin hole in the bottom. I’m very disappointed.

    • Pressure Cooker Queen says:


      Sorry about your experience. In fact, I bought one for my husband and we have yet to use it. Every time we thought to use it, it seemed so big for a small family like ours. I thought it would be a perfect “application” for a summer seafood boil.



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