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The Calphalon 7-Quart Digital Slow Cooker takes simplicity and functionality to a new height. There are no frivolous bells and whistles, no unnecessary buttons to push.

Everything you need to do is thought-out and programmed for you with a few simple buttons. The “auto” setting is built in where food is cooked on “high” for 2 hours and switched to “low” automatically for the remainder of the time so you don’t have to remember to adjust the temperature later on.

With the opti-heat feature, the internal sensors ensure accurate temperature reading and even cooking.

This cooker is also one of the most energy-efficient with only 400 watts in power consumption as opposed to 1000 or more in other brands on the market.

The 24-hour timer provides you with the option to jump start your dinner hours before you arrive home so you don’t have to wait for two more hours for dinner. The time saved can be so well spent on catching up with your spouse and kids.

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Product Features

Capacity and Material

The 7-quart is the median-size for most of the family needs. For small families, you may want to save time and energy cost by cooking up a good amount of food and then store it in small containers for your own TV dinner, but only healthier and tastier. For large families, get a big pot of meal going early in the morning and the entire family comes home to the aroma and wholesomeness of a home-made meal.

The exterior housing is made of brushed stainless steel and the inner pot of a typical crockpot. Yes, the crockpot is heavy and slow to be heated up. But it retains heat very well and evenly. And it’s dishwasher-safe.

Dimensions and Weight

The overall dimensions are 19.25″ W x 12″ D x 11.5” H. It weighs 18 pounds, a bit heavier due to the weight of the crockpot.

Programmable with Multiple Temperature Settings

It’s a programmable type vs. a manual one. The programmable part refers to the 24-hour timer when you can program the cooking up to 24 hours in advance.

Four temperature settings are designed in this slow cooker as: high in 200-212 degrees F; low in 195-205; auto on high for 2 hours and to low for the remaining time; warm in 165-180 only for keeping food warm, not meant for cooking food. The default time for the “auto” is 6 hours although you can manually adjust the cooking time to suit your needs.

Lid and Handles

It has a standard glass lid that allows clear view of what’s inside of the pot. The side and top handles are made of stainless steel riveted into lid and the sides of the external housing for security and stability. The silicone is used to wrap around these handles to protect you from heat and for easy transport.


Stainless steel


A short power cord comes with the slow cooker in compliance with the industry standard to reduce accidents from entanglement and tripping-over a long cord. When necessary, you may use an extension cord to make sure the cord is not dangled over an edge of the kitchen counter and keep small children away.

The most thoughtful touch is that the cord can be stored underneath of the cooker after use or for easy transport when you need to take the entire pot to a pot-luck party.



Easy to Use and Clean

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As it is designed with the ease of use in mind, using this cooker is nothing but measuring and adding the ingredients and seasoning to the pot; choose a setting from “high”, “low” or “auto” and push the “start/cancel” button. Of course, you may adjust the cooking time if you don’t want to use the default set time.

The lid and the crockpot are all dishwasher safe. Be sure to let the parts cool off thoroughly before washing. The crockpot may crack with temperature change from hot to cold.

Consumer Ratings

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4.4 out of 5.0

Ahusband shared how happy his wife was with this slow cooker. It was so easy to use and she didn’t have to refer to the Instruction Booklet. They preferred this one to an All-Clad model…Read More
Another reviewer has owned this slow cooker for a while. So far everything has been cooked to perfection. The auto-setting is so handy to cook food on high and low without standing in the kitchen to change the dial…Read More


  • It’s well designed and constructed.
  • The generous size of 7-quart serves many family needs.
  • It’s very simple to use and easy to clean with a few push-buttons and dishwasher safe parts.
  • The “auto” setting takes all the guesswork and “to do” out for you.
  • The storage of the power cord is such a nice touch in design as well as for easy transport.
  • The riveted top and side handles are a unique design characteristic for stability and durability.
  • 400-watt provides an energy-efficient option for the environment as well as for the saving in electricity bill.


  • It’s just a slow cooker without the options for sautéing/browning and steaming.
  • It’s a bit expensive for the product features.

Warranty and Replacement Parts

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One-year manufacturer limited warranty is offered by Calphalon and you can find replacement parts either at Calphalon’s website or its authorized retailers.


The Calphalon 7-Quart Slow Cooker is in the median range of a programmable slow cooker. I think it’s slightly on the high side due to the limited product features. What I meant is that it doesn’t have sauté/brown and steam options, no accessories included. But it’s still a quality cooker.

Buy or Not Buy?

This would be a great choice if you are someone who doesn’t want to tinker around with the menu settings too much. All is done for you. All you need to do is to push the buttons. The 24-hour timer is an added bonus to save you time in the kitchen.

If you would like to have more cooking method options, you should opt for a multi-functional cooker such as Cuisinart MSC-600 or Breville BSC560.


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