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If you are like me, you might be thinking about upgrading the slow cooker to a more modern version with enhanced features and designs. You are in luck with the Breville BSC560XL Stainless Steel 7-Quart Slow Cooker.

This slow cooker truly lives up to its promise on high performance with an EasySear option to allow you to sear/brown the meats on a stovetop first and then transferring the whole pot for slow cooking. The juice and drippings from the seared meats and caramelized onions will be kept in the same pot to be layered for more intensified flavors during the slow cooking process.

Whether you’d like to cook Osso Bucco or a beef chuck, this cooker produces tender and juicy meats in less time than your outdated slow cooker.

The wrap-around heating makes it more energy-efficient as food is cooked from all sides instead of from just the bottom. It helps cut down the cooking time by a third comparing to other slow cookers.

Who says form has to give in for function? This BSC560XL has a modern and slick design silhouette that will make a bold statement in any household kitchen.

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Product Features

Capacity and Material

The generous size of 7-quart liquid capacity can feed a large family. Of course, for those with fewer people, you can always cook a big pot to be stored in small containers to take for lunch the next day or to be frozen for later use.

The external housing is made of brushed stainless steel and the insert of die-cast aluminum with quantinum-coating. It’s suitable for cooking on gas, electric and ceramic cooktops, but not on induction.

Dimensions and Weight

It’s measured as 18.25″ wide x 11.5″ deep x 9.25″ high and weighs 14 pounds.

Manual and Temperature Setting

The cooker has three temperature settings as “low”, “high” and “dual”. To cook food on low setting, it takes from 6 to 10 hours; 3 to 4 hours on high and 4-6 hours on dual. The dual setting starts with high heat for about 2 hours and switches to low for the remainder of the time. One design flaw is that it doesn’t have a timer to program the cooking time in advance.

Lid and Handles

The domed lid accommodates a large cut of meat or poultry and is oven-safe.

While the lid is designed to withstand temperature up to 480 degrees F, but it’s not recommended for extended periods with temperature above 390 degrees F.

There are two sets of handles: one set for the insert and the other the external housing. The removable silicone covers protect the handles from high heat.


As mentioned earlier, the slow cooker has brushed stainless steel finish that’s very aesthetic appealing to the eyes and would be a great complement to a modern kitchen decor.


A short power cord is supplied with this slow cooker that complies with the industry standard to reduce risks from entanglement and trip-over. You may use an extension cord if necessary with precaution of not dangling the cord over an edge of the counter and keeping small kids away.


A roasting rack is included.

Easy to Use and Clean

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It’s not complicated to use this slow cooker. The Instructional Manual is clearly written with helpful graphs. Step-by-step guides are provided on how to use the Insert as a separate pan on a stovetop and how to use it in the slow cooker.

As the insert is coated with quantinum material that’s easy for cleaning. Make sure you use a non-metal utensil when cooking and a mild soap when cleaning.

Consumer Ratings

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4.3 out of 5.0

One customer shared the experience about having the EasySear function that lets you sear the meat on the stove and transfer the insert to the slow cooker for tasty and flavorful meat…Read More
Alady talked about how she chose to buy this one after extensive research for a slow cooker in the market. They were so happy with the cooker and decided to buy one for their daughter…Read More


  • It’s stylishly designed with quality materials inside out.
  • The generous size allows you to cook for all sizes of families.
  • The EasySear function enables you to sear meats and veggies on a stovetop before the slow cooking process with the original juice and flavors as the base for flavor layering. And no need to clean multiple pots or pans after cooking.
  • The non-stick quantinum coating makes it so easy for food to glide inside and for easy cleaning.
  • The three-temp settings provide you with options to cook food slow or fast.
  • The wrap-around heating element saves you time and money from the energy bill.


  • A few customers reported that the cooker gets “hot” even on “low” setting.
  • There is no timer to program the cooking ahead of time.


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A one-year warranty is provided by Breville.


It’s priced at mid-points in the slow cooker market.

Buy or Not Buy?

The unique design of this slow cooker is the EasySear feature for cooking in multiple methods in one pot. The insert can also be used as a separate pan on a stove with the lid. Overall this is a great slow cooker rated as 5-stars by 66% of the reviewers at Amazon. If you’d like to have a stylish yet high performing cooker, add this one to your short list.


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