Best Pressure Cooker 2013 Under $200

This is one of the multi-series on Best Pressure Cooker under different price ranges. So far, I’ve covered those under $50 and $100. I am dedicating this post to those pressure cookers from $100 to $200.


This is a median price range where abundant brands, models and sizes are available to choose from. Leading European brands such as Kuhn Rikon, Fagor, WMF provide many pressure cookers besides the beloved All-American pressure cookers/canners.

Capacity Size and Material

Other than a few models made of aluminum, many are manufactured with stainless steel with an aluminum insert in the base of the cooking pot. The use of multiple metals is to leverage the best of all worlds. For example, aluminum is known for efficient heat conductivity, rapid heating and even distribution while stainless steel for its durability, beautiful mirror finish and resistance to acidic foods.

Capacity sizes are endless as well. You can choose a 6-quart for stovetop use or size it up to over 20-quart for a major canning project.

Another option is to buy a whole set of multiple pieces if cooking under pressure is your preferred method. You’d be getting the best bang for your buck with two pots, two lids and a steamer. Not to mention the cupboard space you will be saving. An entire meal can be done in 30 minutes even if the meat is frozen from the freezer.

Safety Features

There is a wide swing of safety features within this price range. For example, the All American pressure cooker/canner is still designed with the old fashioned regulator on top of the lid with hissing and rocking sound. It also features an exclusive design element of metal-to-metal seal between the pot and the lid to eliminate the need for replacing the gasket. There is no other brand in the world with this feature. Better yet, it’s made in the U.S.A. with quality and safety.

Then you’d have the options to choose from Kuhn Rikon where safety features are at the heart of the design besides style consideration. Five elements are integrated into the design to ensure the most efficient use of energy as well as the safety of use. No wonder it’s called the “Mercedes-Benz of Pressure Cookers” by the New York Times.

Pressure Setting

It’s more often than not that the pressure cookers offer multiple pressure levels from low, medium to high measured in psi (pounds per square inch). If you are into canning, make sure you choose one with at least 15 psi to kill the bacteria in food. Low or medium psi can be very handy when cooking delicate foods such as seafood and vegetables. The more choices, the better.

Pressure Release Methods

Pressure release can be done through multiple methods such as “cold water”, “natural release” or “automatic”. The automatic method is easy to do by turning a dial on top of the lid or gently pressing the steam vent. It saves time and prevents food from being overcooked.

Comparison Chart of 5 Top-Rated Models under $200

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ModelAll American 921Instant Pot IP-LUX60Fagor Duo 5-Piece SetKuhn Rikon 3342WMF Perfect Plus
Product Imageall-american-921-pressure-cooker-canner-imginstant-pot-ip-lux60-pressure-cookerfagor-duo-combi-5-piece-pressure-cookerkuhn-rikon-3342-5-quart-pressure-cookerwmf-perfect-plus-4.25-quart-pressure-cooker
Capacity (quart)21.56.334 & 8 5.254.25
Material (cooking pot)aluminumaluminumstainless steelstainless steelstainless steel
Customer Ratings4.
Read ReviewRead ReviewRead ReviewRead ReviewRead ReviewRead Review
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Who Is It for?

  • For those who are keen on quality, construction, design and style.
  • For those who want to invest in a pressure cooker that will likely last for one or more generations.
  • For those who pressure cook whenever possible to save time and energy conservation is one of their their passions.
  • For those who take canning seriously.
  • For those who’d like to have multiple pressure settings and release methods.
  • Brand reputation does count for folks who appreciate owning a top-of-the-line cookware.
  • Who has the discretionary income to splurge a bit.

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