Best Pressure Cooker 2013 Under $100

As a follow up to my previous post for Best Pressure Cooker 2013 under $50, this post will highlight best pressure cooker under $100 to see what you might get in terms of type, size, features and functionality.


With the budget increase, you’d have the “luxury” to choose from a wide variety of brands such as Presto, Fagor, Magefesa and T-fal, just to name a few. Presto is a reputable brand better known in the North American markets while Fagor, T-fal and Magefesa market their pressure cookers and other cookware worldwide.

Based in Spain, Fagor carries an impressive collection of pressure cookers in single unit as well as in set. Priced at mid-range, it helps Fagor gain popularity and recognition among home cooks around the globe.

Capacity Size and Material

Under $100, you may select different capacity sizes from a 6-quart pressure cooker to 20+ quart pressure cooker/canner. If you like to pressure cooking and canning, you are in luck.

Two materials are used in pressure cookers. For a smaller pressure cooker, you can pick and choose a stainless steel one from many brand names. If you are into pressure canning though, more than likely you’d get one made from aluminum.

To me the best part is that you have the option to buy a pressure cooker set with a multiple-piece assemble. Typically, you will get two pressure cooking pots, two interchangeable lids for pressure and stovetop cooking and a steaming basket. If you are tight with storage space in the kitchen, the set can replace many pots and pans.

Safety Features

Some of the models, especially the canners, still deploy the old fashioned “jiggler” type to regulate the pressure while others with modern spring-loaded valves to control excess pressure.

Multiple valves are designed into many of the pressure cookers to ensure the safety of operation. The modern designs are enclosed and quieter with less liquid required and more intensified flavors in food.

Pressure Setting

Pressure levels vary from model to model. Some only have one pressure setting while others might have two for “high” and “low”. The benchmark is 15 psi (pounds per square inch) in pressure cooking. If all things being equal, I’d be interested in getting one with 15 psi.

Pressure Release Methods

An automatic/quick pressure release method is built into some of the models. You can always fall back to the two methods that have been used for centuries, i.e. “cold water” and “natural release”.

Comparison Chart of 5 Top-Rated Models under $100

ModelPresto 01781T-fal YS2H4064Fagor Splendid 5-Piece SetNesco PC6-25 ElectricCanCooker CC-001
Product Imagepresto-01781-pressure-cooker-canner-img ingrid-hoffmann-t-fal-7-4-quart-pressure-cooker-imgfagor-splendid-5-piece-setnesco-pc6-25p-6-quart-pressure-cookercancooker-cc-001-cooker
Capacity (quart)237.44 & 8 616
Material (cooking pot)aluminumstainless steelstainless steelaluminumaluminum
Customer Ratings4.
Read ReviewRead ReviewRead ReviewRead ReviewRead ReviewRead Review
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Who Is It for?

  • Great for someone who likes to pressure cooking and canning.
  • If you are interested in getting a set to cook multiple dishes at the same time, this price range offers the possibility.
  • For someone who is concerned about cooking in aluminum due to the reactive properties to acid and other elements in foods, you can choose from different brands and models made from stainless steel.
  • If you don’t want to “babysit” a stovetop pressure cooker, you can opt in for an electric type. Plug in and forget about it.
  • For those outdoor enthusiasts, the CanCooker is a perfect choice to cook up a seafood boil or a one-pot meal on a camp ground or in your backyard.

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