Best 6-Quart Pressure Cooker

It’s not surprising that 6-quart is the most popular size among all sizes of pressure cookers. I am guessing it’s due to the fact that median-sized families in the U.S. is around medium-size. I’ve decided to do some in-depth research to find out what the best 6-quart pressure cooker is on the market.

The process I went through was quite extensive as below:

  1. Defined the size as 6-quart in liquid capacity
  2. Determined that material had to be stainless steel.
  3. Excluded electric pressure cookers.
  4. Selected the best 5 pressure cookers on Amazon that fit into my criteria.
  5. Created an excel spreadsheet with all the detailed features and product attributes, including customer ratings and number of customer reviews, price and warranty information.
  6. Assigned each major attribute with a weight.
  7. Gave each product attribute a score and then multiplied the weight % by the score to arrive at a total score.
  8. Re-ranked the product listing based on the total score.

 The Verdict



The result was shocking to me. What seemed to be the best such as with the lowest price and the longest warranty didn’t win in this race.

On the opposite, the unassuming pressure cooker, Fagor Duo (Model # 918060251) 6-Quart Pressure Cooker took the lead with an overall highest score on many attributes.

This reminds of how the Derby horse, I’ll-Have-Another won the race in 2012. Trust me I am not a horse person but just happened to watch that race at a party. If you are curious about the 5 best pressure cooker in my selection, please click here.

Let me show you what I was talking about:

Product Overview

Fagor Duo is made by Fagor, a Spanish manufacturer of household appliances and cookware around the world. Fagor is a subsidiary of the Mondragon Corporation which owns 256 subsidiaries and employs over 80,000 people in the world.

Fagor Duo is one of the six pressure cooker lines designed and produced by Fagor, three of these lines are manufactured in Spain and the other three in China.

The brand strengths are product innovation, excellent design, high quality construction and triple safety systems along with emphasis on energy conservation and environmental awareness.

Sizes and Materials

The Fagor Duo pressure cookers come with four size choices as 4, 6, 8 and 10 quarts. The 10-quart one can be used for some moderate canning although it’s on the smallest end of pressure canners.

Like all Fagor pressure cookers, this Duo line is made of 18/10 stainless steel with a tri-clad aluminum base in the cooking pot. The beauty of this construction is to leverage the optimal conductivity of heat transfer and retention of aluminum while utilizing the durability, easy maintenance, resistance to corrosion and rust of stainless steel. Don’t forget the biggest attraction of stainless steel in all sorts of cookware is its beautiful and shiny finish which adds such a finesse to the household cookware.

Pressure Regulator, and Other Safety Features

The pressure is regulated via an enclosed system where a spring-loaded valve is integrated with two pressure settings of 8 and 15 psi (pounds per square inch) and an automatic steam release dial after cooking is done. This operating valve can’t be unlocked once cooking is in progress. All these features are designed on the top lid of the main handle.

The 8 and 15 psi pressure settings are so versatile for cooking many different types of foods as each recipe may call for a different pressure level. Also the 15 psi is there in case you need to compensate for higher elevation pressure cooking as the pressure at higher altitudes are lower than it would at sea level. Having the higher pressure level will surely destroy all the bacteria in foods, especially in meats, poultry and seafood.

Once the lid is closed and sealed via a gasket, there is also a latch to be pushed forward to secure the locking of the pot during the entire cooking and pressure release time.

Besides the operating valve, a safety vent in the rim of the lid will kick in gear as an emergency safety measure if/when the pressure release valves are blocked.

The Fagor Duo cooker has an automatic pressure release setting built into the operating valve as I eluded earlier. This feature serves very well if you don’t want to sit around to wait for the natural cooling off to release of the pressure nor do you want to make the effort to remove the cooker from the burner and run cold water in the sink. This automatic method is fast, easy and safe.

Ergonomically Designed Handles

The more thoughtful features of this pressure cooker are such as the ergonomically designed handles that makes it easy to use and easy on your joint.

Included Accessories

The Duo model comes with a detailed User Manual and 50 delicious recipes. Also included are a steamer and trivet. You can use the steamer to cook two dishes at the same time in the cooker to save time and energy cost. The trivet can be used to pop up the steamer or even on the bottom of the cooker to prevent foods from being burned.

10-Year Warranty

A ten-year limited warranty is provided by Fagor. Many people were thrilled to know that this model is designed and manufactured in Spain, not in China.

Customer Ratings

Over 50% of the online reviewers rated this pressure cooker as 5 stars and it has received over 200 reviews on Amazon alone at this time of the post. Here are two snippets (paraphrased):

One professional chef of many years was so pleased with this pressure cooker for the the tri-clad materials in the base of the pot and the fool-proof operation. Simply turn the knob to set the pressure and do the same to release the pressure… Read More
Another customer has owned both Kuhn Rikon and Presto pressure cookers, now this Fargo Duo. This is his favorite as the Fargo Duo is more “forgiving” than the Kuhn. You don’t have to glue your eyes on the heat and the pressure level as you would with the Kuhn. The two pressure settings are really handy for cooking different types of foods such as fish at 8 psi and regular foods at 15 psi… Read More


As I implied in the beginning, this Fagor Duo model is definitely not the cheapest of the bunch but it’s not extremely expensive either. It’s priced at mid-range in the pressure cooker market. The return on your investment is going to be exponential as you will get so many good years out of the cooker. Moreover, you’ll save up to 70% cooking time and money from energy saving. Eating healthy can’t be easily quantified. Only you know how good you would feel and how much vitality you have.

I hope by now I’ve made a compelling argument about this best 6-quart pressure cooker. Even if you are not convinced, the other four are winners of their own right. So you can’t go wrong with anyone of them.


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