Best 6-Quart Pressure Cooker Chart

Here is a Comparison Chart for Best 6-Quart Pressure Cookers. Feel free to read in-depth reviews or check the best price on Amazon by following the links.

ModelFagor DuoFagor SplendidFagor FuturoPresto 01362Presto 01365
Available Capacity (Qrt)4, 6, 8,104, 6, 104, 6, 104, 66
Materialsstainless steel + aluminumstainless steel + aluminumstainless steelstainless steel + aluminumstainless steel + aluminum
Pressure Regulatorspring-loaded valve, triple safety systemspring-loaded with 2 pressure release valvesspring-loaded valve, triple safety systemweighted regulator on top of vent pipe, overpressure plugweighted regulator on top of vent pipe, a second pressure relief valve, overpressure plug
Lidtwist & lock;ergonomically designedlocking lidlocking lidlocking lidlocking lid
Pressure Level Indicatoryesyesyesnono
Pressure Settings (pounds per square inch)5 & 8 psi5 & 8 psi5 & 8 psi15 psi15 psi
Handle1 long 1 short1 long 1 short2 short1 long 1 short1 long 1 short
Accessoriessteamer, trivetonesteamer/graterrackrack
Warranty (year)1010101212
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