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If you are like me, have been frequenting your local farmer’s market this summer, you know that the height of the harvest is here and will soon be gone.

There is nothing tastier and healthier than foods prepared and preserved in your own kitchen. Whether they are meats, fish, fresh vegetables, fruits, sauces or beans, feel free to delegate the cooking and canning tasks to this beloved All American 921 21-1/2 Quarter Pressure Cooker and Canner.

The 921 Pressure Cooker and Canner has received hundreds of raving reviews by online consumers. Made in Wisconsin, U.S.A, this pressure cooker screams for quality and durability. It has uniquely designed features unlike many other pressure cookers on the market. This is one cooker that will be passed on from you to your children and grandchildren. Who would have thought a cooker could become an heirloom item in the family? Let’s look “under-the-lid” to see why consumers have fallen in love with it.

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Size, Capacity and Material

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This pressure cooker and canner has a very large capacity of 21-1/2 quarts for liquid and can handle 7-quart or 19-pint jars confidently. This means that you can cook large batches of foods to save time and money on electricity or gas bill. It also makes it efficient to can all sorts of foods when you can find good bargains in the grocery store or the farmer’s market. If chicken breast is on sale this week, get a large quantity of it. Then pressure cooking and canning the chicken for future uses.

This cooker is made of hand cast aluminum that weighs 20 pounds without any food. This is industrial grade material unlike many on the market with very thin scraps. The pot also has a satin finish that makes it very attractive. As you might know, aluminum conducts and retains heat very well that makes it energy-efficient.

It is tall with 15-3/8 inches in height and 12-1/4 inch for the insider diameter. It is built like a tank or a submarine as many customers pointed it out in their reviews. It’s literally indestructible. 

Safety Features

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Metal-to-Metal Seal

The All American pressure cooker is one of the very few that has metal-to-metal seal. The lid has a beveled lip that clamps down to the cooking pot to make it an airtight seal. There is no rubber gasket or sealing ring to worry about. The lid is sealed by matching the arrow on the lid with the same in the pot. Then you tighten the wing nuts one pair at a time on the opposite sides to make sure the lid is closed evenly.

3 Pressure Settings – 5, 10 and 15 Psi

On top of the lid, there is a pressure gauge with 5, 10, 15 and 20 psi (pound/square inch) for you to see if the appropriate pressure level is reached for your foods per the recipe book.

The vent pipe is for steam to escape when the pot is heated. When you see a steady stream of steam coming out, it’s time for you to put on the weight on the vent pipe. The weight has three different levels of pressure, i.e. 5, 10 or 15. You can turn to whichever “dial” on the weight according the recipe book. For example, if you are cooking beef stew, the pressure level should be 10 psi. You would turn the weight to make sure it is inserted in the vent pipe with 10 psi.

Gauge of the Pressure Level

There are two ways for you to gauge if the right pressure level is attained: one is to see/hear the weight on the vent pipe rattle about 3 times per minute. The other is to visually see the dial on the pressure gauge reach to 10 psi in the case of the beef stew. Then you will know you have the right pressure level to cook the food for the required duration.

Redundant Safety Measure – Overpressure Plug

Besides the vent pipe valve and the pressure gauge, another safety feature is the overpressure plug in the event the main vent pipe is clogged with food particles.

Pressure Release Methods

After cooking, you can release the pressure in the cooker by one of two ways. You can release it with a “fast release method” by having cold running water or let it cool down and release the pressure naturally. I’d doubt if many people would use the cold running water method as this cooker is so heavy to begin with, with fully loaded food in it, it is nearly impossible to lift it off from the stove top. Also it’s so high in profile, it will be hard to fit into an average sink.


The top handle is made of bakelite which is a heat resistant material designed to stay cool during cooking. The same material is used for the wing nuts as well.

Easy to Use and Clean

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If you are a seasoned veteran, you know what to do to cook up or can batches of foods. If you are new in pressure cooking and canning, you may want to buy a pressure cookbook to learn the rope. The good news is that once you spend time shopping, preparing, cooking and canning the foods, you’ll have plenty in the storage to last for a very long time. Also the pressure cooker comes with detailed instructions on how to use the cooker, cook the foods and some recipes.

Cleaning the pot will take a little bit maneuvering as it’s huge, tall and heavy. One customer reported the inside pot gets tarnished because of the water quality in where she lives. She recommended using reverse osmosis or distilled water to solve the problem.




The 921 cooker comes with two racks for you to stack up canning jars in the cooker. You can do a double-decker with pint-size jars.  You can also use one rack on the bottom to prevent food from sticking.

Consumer Ratings

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4.8 out of 54.8 out of 5 star ratings speak louder than anything the manufacturer could shout out in the advertisement. Here are just two of the many comments people made in their reviews:

Many customers were so impressed with the industrial strength material and the exclusive metal-to-metal construction so no need to hunt down a replacement gasket ever… Read More
Another customer received this pressure cooker from his grandma when she canned thousands of jars using this pressure cooker/canner. The grandchild is planning to do the same… Read More


  • The cooker is made with high quality, heavy and professional gauge of cast-aluminum that will last for several generations.

  • The safety features of pressure release valve with weight and the pressure gauge make it almost fool-proof in pressure cooking and canning.

  • The metal-to-metal seal using screw-down latches is infinitely safer during cooking and cooling.
  • People loved the fact that they didn’t have to guess when the gasket needs to be replaced, worse yet, to hunt down the replacement parts from retailer to retailer.
  • It’s versatile to use for cooking as well as for canning.
  • It’s so comforting to know that the food you put in your mouth is hygienic and healthy without any preservatives or additives.

  • It’s humongous and heavy. It’s also tall for many household kitchens. Check the dimensions of where your stove top is to make sure there is enough clearance on the top.
  • It’s made of aluminum and it’s not great for cooking or canning high acidic foods, vegetables and sauces as aluminum reacts to acid.
  • The manufacturer doesn’t recommend cooking it on a ceramic or a glass cook top as there is no clearance between the cook top and the pressure cooker. The food may get scorched and the cooker may damage the cook top due to the sheer weight. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule. I’ve seen people using it on a ceramic top. You have to be very careful not to lift the pot (if you have enough strength to do so) and then drop it down.

Warranty and Replacement Parts

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The warranty period is for one-year from the purchase date and applicable to the original owner. I am a bit disappointed at the less than standard warranty period as many competitors offer a 10-year warranty.


At the time of this review, the price for this 921 model is just under $200. Amazon tends to offer the best price among many retailers.


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