2013 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – That Will Last Forever (It’s not diamonds)


I know it’s a bit early for Mother’s Day 2013. But I thought maybe you and I should plan ahead a little bit and think about creative gift ideas to make it more special this year.

We all love our Moms and express our gratitude year round with phone calls here and there.

Of course there are the holiday events where she efficiently puts a wide spread of foods out on the table for the whole family. If this sounds like your kinda Mom, then a pressure cooker may be the best gift for her this year for Mother’s Day. Of course if you can afford diamonds for her this year; go for it!

Show her you care and love all those homemade meals you grew up with as a child. Here are some ideas for impressing your Mom this year with a pressure cooker:

Add a Booklet of Your Favorite Pressure Cooker Recipes

Does she love jam, but always uses the excuse of never having the time or patience to make it? Slip a nicely wrapped bundle of jam recipes that she should try with some cute mason jars. Pinterest is also a great resource for searching homemade jam recipes. Seasonal is best for canning if you can get ingredients at its prime in order to enjoy it year round. Here are some fun twists on some jam recipes:

Strawberry/Rhubarb – Rhubarb and strawberry are the perfect marriage. Rhubarb needs that sweetness that comes from strawberries in order to achieve that perfect match for nice jam.

Meyer Lemon Curd With Lavender – Keeping it seasonal, Meyer lemons add a nice herbal quality to the standard lemon curd and the lavender rounds it out with a floral note.

Zesty Blueberry Jam with Nutmeg – Oranges are at their peak in the winter and now is the best time to juice them up and add any perk to whatever you want to use it in. Blueberries carry such a wonderful antioxidant that it’s hard to recognize that you are actually taking care of yourself when you spread this jam on your toast. Let your Mom know you care about her health and nudge this jam idea on her.

It doesn’t have to stop at just jam. You can also add in your favorite recipes or even hint that you miss that casserole she used to make all the time! What a great way to show Mom that you love what she cooks and that you appreciate her.

Slip-in a Gift Card to Her Favorite Local Butcher 

There’s nothing better than taking a nice cut of meat, adding stock, herbs, vegetables or whatever fancies you and making a hearty, delicious meal in mere minutes. Make it easier on her when she’s deciding what to cook and give the gift of meat! Not only will you impress your Mom, but you are also supporting a local business – that deserves a cheer!

There are many gifts you can get for your Mother: a big bright bouquet of flowers that will wilt within a week (or sooner if you’re not so lucky picking them out), a bubble bath/spa basket to add to her other bubble bath/spa basket from last year, or that new and improved vacuum cleaner you saw on a late night infomercial – a very bad idea! Regardless, she will always love you no matter what you get her, but impress her this year with the gift that keeps on giving.

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